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Jack Dorsey Tweet On Sale On NFT Valuables For Over $88.8k.

The co-founder & CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has listed for sale on the NFT platform Valuables the primary tweet ever made. At the reporting time, bidding was at $88,888 USD.

Valuables is an Ethereum-based platform created by the social network Cent that permits users of Twitter to authenticate their tweets purchasable to others [think of them as digitally signed copies].

This is the tweet Dorsey has offered for sale:

Dorsey is a renowned fan of bitcoin, making multiple forays into the ecosystem. Cash App, from his other firm, Square, is a major venue for retail investors to get the cryptocurrency. Dorsey also invested in Lightning Labs, a second layer on the Bitcoin network, seen as a scaling solution.

This is Dorsey’s primary time showing interest in Ethereum. Many of us round the tech industry suggested that the recent boom in non-fungible tokens [NFTs] might partially explain Square’s announcement yesterday that it might acquire the music streaming site Tidal [prior thereto announcement, Dorsey revealed a collaboration with rapper Jay-Z to expand use of Bitcoin [BTC, +4.59%] in Africa].

Dorsey’s offering of one among of his earliest tweets purchasable on an Ethereum-based platform & should only add fuel thereto fire for now, as it seems.

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