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iPhone 13 Launch Witnessed A Fake Version Of Apple’s Website To Steal Bitcoin.

According to the media, scammers used a false event to stream and a fake Apple website along with the promise of free Bitcoin to defraud naïve fans during the iPhone 13 announcement event.

In line with AppleInsider, people who might have been browsing for the Apple Event on September 14 would have landed across a copycat stream that showed previous interviews with Apple CEO Tim Cook instead of the “California Streaming” feed.

According to Zscaler, the website looks similar to a spoof of Apple’s website and it advertised a Bitcoin giveaway. All that an individual had to do was to contribute 0.1 to 20 Bitcoin using a QR code, and they would receive double the amount for that.

This was a fraud, but it was done with just enough care to fool others into thinking it was real. The scam was quite effective, as almost $69k was transferred to one Bitcoin [BTC] wallet.

Those with technical expertise may see many faults in the website, ranging from syntax errors to URL. Most people with only a rudimentary grasp of technology, on the other hand, may readily mistake such a website for real promotion.

The scammer’s website is presently down and will most likely remain unavailable after swindling people out of $69,000 in Bitcoin, according to the article.

Scams like these have already been perpetrated on YouTube, with random channels being hijacked to broadcast Bitcoin advertisements.

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