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Independent Reserve exchange To Delist Bitcoin SV ‘BSV’.

Leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, Independent Reserve, says it’ll delist the Bitcoin SV [BSV] cryptocurrency due to controversial behavior by its team.

Within an official announcement recently on Wednesday, the exchange added that “In light of recent events and community feedback Bitcoin SV [BSV] and related trading pairs are going to be delisted.”

While explaining the move, CEO Adrian Przelozny added:

“Bitcoin is ‘The People’s Money’. At its very core are the principles of openness and freedom and these were also the founding values of Independent Reserve. The behaviour shown by the team behind BSV has been completely counter to those ideals, repeatedly spreading misinformation and making baseless threats against the community. Recent talk about action against developers working to enhance the Bitcoin ecosystem proved to be the ultimate straw. These are the actions of a bully and that they must stop.“

Przelozny’s comments appear, in part, to reference threats by high-profile BSV proponent Craig Wright to sue entities hosting the bitcoin technical paper online, claiming he owns the copyright. Also earlier this month, Wright sent take-down letters from his lawyers to many entities, with Bitcoin Core – bitcoin’s primary developer team – complying within the face of a high legal battle.

Wright controversially claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor behind the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin [BTC] but has yet proved his claim to the satisfaction of most within the community and media, bar some supporters of BSV. Wright also claims BSV “is bitcoin,” claiming within the title of his official web-blog.

The bitcoin white paper was primarily released beneath the permissive MIT license, meaning anyone is liberal to use or distribute it. Since Wright sent out his legal letters, a variety of notable entities have taken the choice to host the white paper, along with Square, the town of Miami, and therefore the governmental websites of Colombia as well as Estonia.

Earlier on 28th March, Independent Reserve will halt trading of BSV, allowing an additional 6 months for patrons to withdraw any BSV holdings onto its platform.

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