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If This BTC Price Fractal Pans Out, Bitcoin Might Reach $333K ‘Parabolically.’

According to a new projection, Bitcoin (BTC) might reach a staggering $333,000 by May 2022 if the US Federal Reserve creates a “perfect storm” of low-interest rates.

Filbfilb, the co-founder of trading platform Decentrader, updated an unnervingly precise price prediction on December 27 and drew dazzling deductions regarding BTC price behaviour next year.

“You don’t have enough cryptocurrency” for the 2022 bull run, according to one analyst.

After performing almost exactly as expected during 2021, BTC/USD is poised to make significant gains in the next six months assuming circumstances stay unchanged.

The Fed is expected to raise interest rates twice next year, and they are largely priced in, according to analysts, but an unexpected shift in policy may have far-reaching effects.

According to Filbfilb, who analyses Fibonacci sequences with historical price activity in prior halving cycles, Bitcoin might rise beyond $300,000 as a consequence of Fed policymakers easing off on rate rises.



As unbelievable as it may appear, such a situation is not as impossible as it appears.

Signs are already saturating the market, as more and more signals align to demand an upward breakthrough. Furthermore, low-timeframe data is positive – for the first time in six weeks, BTC/USD closed a four-hour candle above the key 200-day moving average (MA) on December 27.

The previous time an uptrend reached the very equivalent feet was in late September, at the commencement of a run-up that created the present all-time highs of $69,000.

Stocks may win big, but only for a short time.

On the subject of macroeconomic developments, pundits suggest that the future looks good for equities as well, despite the fact that the US dollar is cooling – even if rates do rise as projected.

As the final week of 2021 started, George Gammon, author of the financial newsletter Rebel Capitalist Pro, was cheerful.

In such a situation, the effect on Bitcoin would be determined by its association with stocks, as well as if it could recover from a precipitous collapse like the one Gammon forecasts in a way comparable to March 2020.

Nevertheless, public sentiment is still confident that Bitcoin has not reached its high, despite the recent turnaround in early December.

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