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IBM Spending In Million’s On Its BlockChain Related Research.

The largest computer manufacturing company ‘IBM’ seem to be quite interested in the distributed ledger technology (DLT), as the company revealed more than a thousand of its employees working on the blockchain technology related projects.

A recent Gartner survey conducted revealed that currently there are very few companies that consider working on the blockchain based projects with solely even far more less than that which think  further experimenting with this technology. As per this survey, more than 70 % of the companies straight forwarded denied their interest in the blockchain technology.

However, among such an ecosystem, IBM takes an opposite stand in this scenario, employing more than 1500 of its employees in the blockchain technology. The general manager of IBM ‘Marie Wieck’ stated that the innovative technology can be as transformative for businesses as the internet has been for individuals.

This number of employees caught the eye of Digital Currency Group’s ‘Barry Silbert’ which quickly speculated  announcing that IBM is spending in millions each year’s for the blockchain based projects. He mentioned in his Tweet as:

IBM Spending In Million's On Its BlockChain Related Research.

IBM was additionally chosen by the govt. of Australia as a central technology partner for succeeding five years. The company has additionally forayed into digital currencies. In July this year, the company proclaimed a partnership with the fintech startup to launch a ‘StableCoin’ pegged to the American dollar.

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