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IBM Files A New Patent To Assist Scientific Research Project’s Using Blockchain.

In line with a recent patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. Global IT company IBM is planing to use blockchain to assist scientific research project and provide a record of its results. Originally filing the idea earlier in the month of December last year, IBM stated that it foresees “integrating a blockchain analysis and research along with data collection for open scientific research project.”

The IBM patent application is the latest in an exceedingly steady increasing pile of patents wanted by the corporation within the blockchain sector, the foremost recent award coming back last week targeted at increased reality gaming.

Now, an altogether a lot more technical upshot addresses what it describes as an absence of platforms providing “requisite controls and mechanisms” to safeguard scientific findings.

“Currently, there are restricted platforms that offer sharing data concerning research projects and showing clear information assortment and analysis steps.” Adding further, the IBM patent application reads:

“Platforms that do exist, lack the requisite controls and mechanisms to permit for trustworthy information, as there are few choices for ensuring that information is immune to modification.”

More generally, the science sector stands to benefit in multiple ways from the arrival of the technology. Various tries have already targeted some aspects of the sphere.

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