I Haven’t Invested Anything Into Cryptocurrencies – Anand Mahindra Remarks.

Anand Mahindra, an Indian business magnate, has expressed surprise over a spate of erroneous news headlines about his Bitcoin investment. On Twitter, Mahindra Group Chairman Rajeev Mahindra released screenshots of bogus news from the ‘’ website, where the businessman offered advice on how to generate money faster. “Right now, my first coin maker is a new automated cryptocurrency trading system called Bitcoin Era,” according to a bogus story in Mahindra.

“I need to let people know that this is absolutely fake and fraudulent,” Anand Mahindra stated in response to the charges.

“This would be amazing if it weren’t a question of good manners and, in reality, dangerous,” the business representative remarked on Twitter. Someone warned me about this after seeing it on the internet. I feel compelled to inform the public that this is absolutely false.

He added that he has not yet made a single rupee investment in the cryptocurrency.

Anand Mahindra remarked on Twitter, “The irony is that I did not invest a single rupee in cryptos.”

This isn’t the first time Anand Mahindra has been duped by a journalistic organization. He met a position he supposedly wrote for himself in September of this year. He allegedly encourages the study of stock market trading in middle school, according to a bogus post.

Mahindra’s response was, “I’m delighted that some people believe my words are taken seriously, and I’ve always believed in the power of social media to inform and disseminate information. But what’s wrong is stated incorrectly! I’ll do my best to contact them as soon as possible.”

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