Hybrid Version Of IDEX’s ‘IDEX 2.0’ Is Expected To Launch Soon.

Ethereum [ETH] based hybrid exchange recently on 6th Aug. revealed that the $2.5 Mln would be launching IDEX 2.0, a new, more liquid platform.

The money came within a seed round led by G1 Ventures and Borderless Capital, with other commits from Collider Ventures as well as Gnosis.

IDEX’s creator, Panama-based Aurora Labs, raised $6 Mln in an ICO [Initial Coin Offering] earlier in 2018.

Market makers and algorithmic traders which is a prominent subset being high-frequency traders, or HFTs will be able use the new exchange. They have previously been shut-off due to high transaction costs.

Within a statement, the exchange said this new group of traders will tighten spreads, making IDEX cheaper and more seamless for its users.

HFTs use powerful computers to process thousands of transactions in fractions of a 2nd, earning revenue from exploiting minuscule disparities in listed prices. They’re controversial: some allege they manipulate markets, but advocates say they improve liquidity and market performance.

IDEX is a hybrid exchange therein settlement and storage are decentralized, while trade executions and deposits are processed centrally. This makes it fast enough to be usable while offering the safety of a totally decentralized exchange.

The hybrid aspect of IDEX’s design will remain unchanged with the IDEX 2.0 launch, expected within the next few weeks.

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