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Huawei Planning To Expand Blockchain Services In Latin America.

In line with a recent ‘report‘, leading Chinese hardware giant ‘Huawei’ is analysing the entire Latin American market & is considering ‘expanding‘ its blockchain associated operations.

According to the report, a Huawei official at the CIAB Febraban conference earlier on 11th June said that it’s possible that its blockchain-enabled products & services would soon be offered on the continent. The official in question -who asked to remain anonymous – added:

“Everything will rely on the result of our market analysis & just in case there’s a market demand for blockchain we’ll make our services available in that area. Today, we are focused on storage, 5G as well as telecommunications.”

The firm revealed to have many contracts with the Brazilian government for storage solutions and to be in talks for 5G infrastructure deals. Earlier in April last year, Huawei conjointly ‘launched‘ its BaaS [Blockchain-as-a-Service] offering via its cloud platform, that reportedly permits the creation and management of blockchain applications at a lower price.

When asked regarding the U.S. – China trade war as well as its potential effects on the firm, the official added that he’s assured that it’ll be resolved and outlined that the sole drawback that needs ‘solving‘, is access to Google’s Android software licensing. Still, he ensured that the customers won’t be seriously affected by the United States measures.

The official conjointly added that he doesn’t know much more about the cryptocurrency-concerning developments at the firm, but believes there aren’t any developments to report at the moment.

As ‘reported‘ just yesterday, blockchain software consortium ‘R3’ revealed that it’s developing a blockchain platform in Brazil with banks Bradesco, Itau and B3.

Also, CIP – A facilitator of Brazilian banking and monetary infrastructure, has officially launched its blockchain Identification platform via in a collaboration with ‘IBM’ using Hyperledger Fabric.

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