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Here’s How Investing $1k In Shiba, Doge, or Solana A Year Ago, Be Worth Today?

Investing in crypto markets is known for its volatility, which may work in a trader’s favor or against him at any given time. However, the business has just grown in the last year, resulting in absurdly high investment returns for little altcoins like Shiba and promising ventures like Solana.

Investing In Shiba Inu 

Shiba was the cryptocurrency of the month in October, thanks to a 1,000% price rise at its all-time high on October 29. According to Watcher Guru, a $1,000 USD investment in “dog money” is now worth a staggering $756 million.

According to coinmarketcap, SHIB’s price a year ago was about $0.000000000072 USD, implying that even a $1 USD investment would provide a million-dollar return. Only a few people, realistically, had purchased and held coins since October of the preceding year.

Investing In Dogecoin

Shib’s nearest coin and sometimes competitor is a cryptocurrency industry classic that has been around since December 2013 and has gone through many bull and bear cycles with varying results: Dogecoin.

However, a $1,000 USD investment in DOGE a year ago would be worth more than $92,000 USD today, which is not even near to SHIB’s performance but still excellent when compared to stock trading returns, as per coinmarketcap.

Investing In Solana

Memecoins are normally driven only by the community and social feeling, however, in the case of Solana, technology, use cases, and good fundamental growth are the primary reasons for the yearly investment return of 13,600%.

A $1,000 USD investment in Solana a year ago would now be worth almost $130,000 USD, or not more, at the coin’s all-time high on 7th November.

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