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Goxtrade Bitcoin [BTC] Exchange Suspected Of Being Involved In A Scam – Report.

In line with a recent report published by ‘TechCrunch’, renowned Bitcoin [BTC] exchange Goxtrade has been suspected of being involved in a ‘scam‘.

Chief among the report’s revelations is that Goxtrade takes photographs of unaffiliated individuals from social media websites and compiles them to form its on-line employees gallery. Goxtrade reportedly even retains some of their actual names.

The co-founder of ‘blockchain‘ startup Clovyr named ‘Amber Baldet’, is one among the person’s whose name and image were featured on Goxtrade’s employees gallery.

While explaining this, she responded on Twitter ‘stating‘:

“Fraud alert: i’m not a developer at Goxtrade and possibly their entire business might be a lie.”

In addition to the dishonorable images, TechCrunch reported that the firm isn’t registered at its advertised address and it’s even absent from the United Kingdom’s registered list of companies and businesses.

Moreover, a number of Goxtrade’s contact information ends up in unrelated entities. The publicised phone numbers of the company, for example, directs to a now defunct Birmingham clothing company. Its listed email address is somewhere linked to Russian web company named ‘Yandex’.

Just yesterday, Hard Fork ‘revealed‘ a ‘report‘ yesterday on 16th May, alleging that blockchain startups RepuX and JoyToken conducted joint ICO [Initial Coin Offering] exit scams. The 2 firms have reportedly disappeared with roughly around $8 Mln in investments while refusing to pay back its promoters who helped them, market their ICOs.

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