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Google Trends Revealed A Report Mentioning Decreased Interest Of People In Bitcoin.

A recent report generated from Google Trend’s Analytics revealed fewer people are currently involved in searching term ‘Bitcoin Price’ on Google since 2015.

Google Trends describes itself as a public online facility that provides users insight into the frequency of specific search-terms relative to the overall volume of searches dispensed by the users around the globe. Employing its service, it is possible to get an idea of people’s interest.

The accessible information shows that from 2014 till 2017, search frequency for the term was flat, with several minor spikes from time to time. However, this flat spiked were all modified from 2017 as bitcoin waved towards its record breaking price touching $20,000 at end of year 2017.

Google Trends Revealed A Report Mentioning Decreased Interest Of People In Bitcoin.

The peak amount for ‘bitcoin price’ searches was highest between December 2017 and Jan. 2018 this year, attracting frenzied capitalist attention.

Just after in February 2018, the frequency of the search term halved as bitcoin shrank to half of its price. The search frequency then continued on a gradual downward trend.

Presently, the worldwide ‘bitcoin price’ search frequency stands at seven out of hundred – its lowest since 2017 – and still falling.

 Such a market rally doesn’t look to be on waves at this instant, as bitcoin remains stuck obdurately around $6,000 USD mark, with the other altcoin’s conjointly also not showing any signs of sustained upward movement.

More detailed report on bitcoin price search queries can be found here.

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