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Gaming Hardware Maker ‘Razer’ Launches Its New App To Reward Users For Mining.

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has recently ‘revealed‘ its new application that rewards users for mining cryptocurrency – however not with either money or cryptos. In line with the recent announcement, the application, dubbed Razer SoftMiner, permits gamers to utilize their idle graphics cards to mine transactions  blocks on the Ethereum [ETH] blockchain, among alternative networks.

Whereas mining directly employing software clients  or via other apps earns computer owners crypto’s, SoftMiner instead rewards them with loyalty points underneath Razer’s Silver program; the quantity of ‘silver’ they earn depends upon the power of their computers along with the amount of time invested running the app, among a several other technical factors too.

The earned loyalty points can later be saved in-store for discounts on Razer merchandise, products, gift vouchers and a lot more, the firm said.

The application has conjointly seen some push-back on social media, with one Twitter user praising the ‘app idea‘ stating:

Gaming Hardware Maker 'Razer' Launches Its New App To Reward Users For Mining.

SoftMiner has been engineered using the similar engine as GammaNow, an analogous desktop app that rewards users for transferring their unused GPU power.

While the news might sound a simple approach for owners of powerful gaming machines to earn some additional cash-equivalent, it comes as miners are find themselves ‘troublesome‘ to form ends meet with costs down atleast 80% across several cryptocurrencies this year. As a result, single GPU miners are unlikely to make some earnings profits even if mining directly via dedicate  software package.

Even last month, Taiwan-based tech. giant ‘Asus’ offered its gamers to use their graphics cards to earn a share of profits from cryptocurrency mining. Asus partnered with mining app supplier named ‘Quantumcloud’ and pays users in cash via PayPal or WeChat.

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