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Gab Founder’s Official Square Cash App Account Blocked.

In line with a recent official ‘tweet‘ by Gab, U.S. based payments firm Square-Cash App has recently reportedly blocked the account of its founder.

Gab Founder's Official Square Cash App Account Blocked.

The ban was reported simply after Gab declared that the firm had sent a mail to its user base promoting Cash App as well as Bitcoin [BTC]. In a recent ‘tweet‘ , Gab stated that it sent over 850,000 mails to its users, introducing them to “free speech money: Bitcoin.” The screenshot of the firm’s mail typically describes alleged censorship measures that are taken against “influential media personalities and corporations,” however additionally calls on users to use BTC as a “censorship-resistant free speech money and payment transferring.”

Gab Founder's Official Square Cash App Account Blocked.

Further within the letter, Gab additionally directly recommends and apparently links to Square’s Cash App for processing transactions with Bitcoin [BTC]. The firm additionally announces it’s begun accepting Bitcoin’s for its GabPro premium service.

In an another tweet later, Gab reported that Cash App had blocked the private account of Gab’s founder named ‘Andrew Torba’. Explaining further, Gab ‘tweeted‘:

Gab Founder's Official Square Cash App Account Blocked.

Earlier on 6th Jan., [Gab] declared it had started using Cash App to interact and receive BTC donations once its company account on major U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase was reportedly closed. Before that Gab had additionally been reportedly banned in both Apple and Google app stores.

Launched earlier in 2016, [Gab] represents itself as a “free speech social media platform,” but is mainly criticized as a “favored platform” for alt- or reactionary views. [Gab] drew specific scrutiny in 2018’s fall once it was ‘rumoured‘ that the perpetrator of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Robert Gregory Bowers, had announced on Gab indicating his immediate intent to try to harm before the crime.

Following an another tweet ‘posted‘, the social network mentioned itself as “the most censored web-site within the history,” providing an inventory of services that have allegedly blocked or disapproved it.

Gab Founder's Official Square Cash App Account Blocked.

Even in April, WikiLeaks shop, the merchandise arm of international anonymous publication non-profit WikiLeaks, rumored on Twitter that their account with Coinbase had been blocked. WikiLeaks Shop’s tweet contained a screenshot from an alleged mail from Coinbase that stated the organizations profaned their Terms of Service and so “can not [receive] access to [their] service.”

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