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FTC Issued A Report On How To Avoid A Bitcoin Blackmail Scam.

The Division of Consumer and Business Education of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently presented a report about ‘How to avoid a BTC blackmail scam’

The Federal Trade Commission’s report focused client security in which the new scamming techniques are being adopted by the hackers demanding the payments in Bitcoin or other altcoin’s. Mentioning further the report stated:

“Here’s how people are scammed. Scammers are transmitting anonymous messages to men, further demanding payments in digital currencies for keeping quiet concerning alleged affairs. The letter additionally explains a way to use Bitcoin to form the payment.”

Among the “traditional signs” of blackmailing, the agency lists “threats, intimidation and aggressive tactics” and advises customers to “report it at once to the native police stations, and therefore to the Federal Bureau of Investigation ‘FBI’.”

Earlier this year, largest cybersecurity experts ‘Kaspersky Labs’ also announced a report mentioning a tremendous increase in the digital crimes in this current era of increasing crypto currency acceptability.

Along with FBI and several other authorities also have announced strict warnings against scamming and hacking, which in this year only accounts for more than $2.50 Mln capital losses till date.

For the complete report published, you can visit here.

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