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FedEX Shipping – The Newest Member To Join Blockchain Revolution.

According to a recent official press release, Hyperledger revealed that FedEx, Honeywell International, along with several crypto startups, became the newest participants in its mission to to make blockchain platforms and applications for enterprises.

‘Brian Behlendorf,’ the executive director added that the association includes established companies along with startups.

Mentioning further he added:

“We are gaining traction in the world in market segments from finance to health-care and govt. to logistics. This growth and variety could be a signal of the increasing recognition of the strategic price of enterprise blockchain and commitment to the adoption and development of open supply frameworks to drive several upcoming new business models.”

FedEx has antecedently joined variety of different blockchain consortia, along with the Blockchain Technology in Transport Alliance and therefore the Blockchain Research Institute.

The chairman and CEO  of the company, ‘Fred Smith’ has praised the technology publicly, adding that it has the potential to utterly revolutionize what is across the border.

He even supported the flexibility to trace goods’ chain of custody employing the technology, likewise as the incontrovertible fact that such data is made available to the public for the customers.

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