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F2Pool’s Published A New Report : Minimum Crypto Price...
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F2Pool’s Published A New Report : Minimum Crypto Price’s For A Profitable Mining.

The CEO of one of the world’s largest mining pool F2Pool ‘Shixing Mao’, revealed a report of price levels for major digital currencies, like Bitcoin ‘BTC’, Ethereum ‘ETH’, Litecoin ‘LTC’ and Zcash ‘ZEC’ below that mining said currency with several different miners allegedly becomes unprofitable.

According to Mao’s report, if the price of bitcoin hits lower than around $ 5,376 USD, the mining the cryptocurrency on a miners ‘Antminer T9’ would be unprofitable. However, in the case of employing a S7 model miner, the break-even amounts to be considerably higher at about $11,581 USD.

F2Pool's Published A New Report : Minimum Crypto Price's For A Profitable Mining.

                              Breaking price points for different digital currencies and miners.

In distinction to S7, mining Bitcoin on Antminer T9 model that was launched in Jan. 2017, continues to be profitable at Bitcoin’s present price markwhereas the newer Innosilicon T2 has the least threshold, amounting to just around $3,891 USD.

However at the press time, Bitcoin is currently trading at a price of  $6,521.4 USD as er Coinchangelly’s live market Index.

Earlier in Aug., a GPU manufacturer ‘Nvidia’ in US unconcealed that crypto mining hardware sales were abundantly lower than expected in second Quarter of 2018, claiming that Nvidia doesn’t expect to form vital blockchain-related sales for the remaining of the year.

Also in July, major Taiwanese microchips producer ‘TSMC’ again weakened its annual revenue and capital expenditure estimates, following rate reduction within the crypto mining field, among different areas.

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