EverGrow Coin Analysis Has Over 60k Users & Active Market Cap Of $1 Bln – What’s Next?

Following the 18000% round last month, the total value of all EverGrow Coins in circulation has now surpassed $1 billion.

EverGrow Coin, commonly known as the “EGC” among a rising army of retailers, has been dubbed the Next Shiba Inu or Dogecoin by numerous observers. EverGrow began in September and has recently gained traction due to its innovative Tokenomics. For any USD/BUSD Activity Processes that are automatically delivered to the owner’s wallet, all EGC owners receive an 8% bonus.

EverGrow Coin has already achieved 60,000 owners in just one month of introduction, with a market capitalization of $ 1 billion. EverGrow Coin owners got more than $ 10 million BUSD in rewards in addition to the Token price gains. EverGrow Coin also comes with a double reward compared to the nearest competitor, and each owner receives the highest share of the awards.

EverGrow Coin Analysis Has Over 60k Users & Active Market Cap Of $1 Bln - What's Next?

EverGrow Coin price chart – Source: Coinmarketcap

Half of the total token supply was burned at launch and removed from circulation permanently, while the remaining 2% has been burned since then. This is what the project specifies on their official website:

8% in BUSD:

For each Buy or Sell transaction, EverGrow Coin gives 8% of the purchase price to all token holders in their wallets. Prizes are sent in BUSD, which is a stable currency. The BUSD prizes ensure that property owners do not have to sell their homes and pay taxes in order to make a profit.

4% added to Default Liquidity:

To ensure the transaction’s funds are available, 4% of each purchase and sale will be sent to PancakeSwap.

Buy Back and Burn: We gather 3% of all transactions’ tokens, convert them to BNB, and transfer them to our contract. When enabled, the BuyBack Wallet purchases EGC on exchange and permanently removes purchased tokens from circulation, creating green candles on the price chart.

Anti-Whaling Mechanism:

EverGrow Coin features a whale-fighting program as well. All sales receive an additional 1% bonus, which minimizes the number of employment involving whale trading and whale fraud. A smart contract will also prohibit one-time sales that surpass 0.2% of the entire sum.

EverGrow’s Ecosystem and other resources:

According to a road map, the EverGrow team wants to enhance numerous products in its Ecosystem to promote EGC Token usage. Binance Smart Chain, which is based on the NFT Marketplace, and the Content Subscription Platform will be included.

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