Ethereum Protocol At Layer 2 Whitelist Now Officially Removed.

The Whitelist function of Ethereum Optimism’s network has been officially disabled, letting programmers easily install smart contracts on its mainnet. According to the network, it will assist Optimism to gain mainstream publicity as well as contribute to the network’s pervasive acceptance.

As per the formal release, Optimism included a Whitelist feature to “create direct channels of contact with projects creating apps on top of the network.” The network also stated that eliminating the Whitelist will make it more available to customers, letting them launch contracts more quickly and effectively.

Ethereum protocol at Layer 2 Whitelist is formally removed by optimism.

The reduction of Optimism’s Whitelist, according to David Hoffman of Crypto media outlet Bankless, is a “one-way” judgment that will strengthen the team’s commitment to transforming Optimism into a perpetual mainnet.

Likewise, Hoffman expected that deleting the Whitelist would assist the network cut its design and support costs.

A whitelist is a type of opt-in security feature in a network’s address book that allows crypto transactions to go to specific predetermined addresses. The removal of the whitelist by Optimism is expected to improve the network’s scalability potential, speeding its acceptance and viable usage applications.

As per the official statement, the Optimism network team will provide additional updates to make the network quicker, cheaper, and more approachable to a wider range of customers. The group has also indicated that its improved safety component would involve the maintenance of centralized guardrails, allowing them to retain authority over areas of the network.

According to statistics from the analytics and research website L2Beat, Optimism is Ethereum’s fifth-largest layer 2 at the moment, with a combined worth of $383 million. The Ethereum Foundation also has awarded Optimism with audit-related funding to explore L2 scaling and development completely.

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