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Ethereum [ETH] Hard Fork Set To Take Place This Week.

In line with recent official ‘web-blog‘ post, Ethereum’ [ETH] upcoming two network upgrades, also called Constantinople and St. Petersburg, are scheduled to take place within this week.

Additionally, the updates are expected to take place at Ethereum block 7,280,000, that is ‘anticipated‘ to be mined on 28th Feb. Still, given the unpredictable nature of mining, the implementation might happen one or two days before or once after the scheduled date, in line with the announcement.

The post explains that the upgrade has two names to represent 2 originally separate upgrades that have presently been combined into one event. The implementation of Constantinople upgrade was antecedently ‘delayed‘ in Jan. over a recent discovered security vulnerability.

Constantinople is expected to bring the platform multiple potency enhancements, as well as the delay of the questionable “difficulty bomb” along with the decrease of Ethereum’s block reward.

The difficulty bomb is a ‘feature‘ meant to forestall miners from continuing their activity on the chain once Ethereum’s switch to a PoS [Proof-of-Stake] rules. However, since PoS algorithm implementation continues to be delayed, Ethereum developers had to delay the issue with the difficulty bomb to “make sure we don’t freeze the blockchain before PoS is deployed .”

The Constantinople upgrade is so set to delay the difficulty bomb – conjointly also reffered as “ice age” — for about 12 months. To amend simpler mining  process, ‘Constantinople‘ will also feature the questionable “thirdening”: a decrease of the reward for every miner block from 3 to 2 Ethereum [ETH].

Constantinople conjointly brings the Create2 function to the platform, that was initially reported to introduce an attack vector to Ethereum [ETH]. Ethereum’s co-founder named ‘Vitalik Buterin’ lately ‘dismissed‘ the issues.

The other network update named ‘St. Petersburg’, is supposed to delete a previous update, Ethereum [ETH] Improvement ‘Proposal 1283‘, from Ethereum’s test-node networks.

Earlier in Jan., major United States based cryptocurrency exchanges namely Coinbase and Kraken became the newest platforms to confirm support for Ethereum’ upgrade. The 2 exchanges join’s Binance, Huobi and OKEx in who had pledged to ‘observe the event‘ before its 1st implementation attempt.

As ‘reported‘ earlier, new Ethereum [ETH] being mined via ‘mining‘ is seeing its lowest levels ever, Etherscan information reveals.

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