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Digital Assets More Safe Investments – Crypto Adoption Analysis.

A recent study reveals that a majority of U.S. individuals believe crypto assets might be a safe investment. Additionally, 25% already own crypto with another 27% saying they decide to invest this year.

That’s consistent with a February survey of 30k individuals over the age of 18 conducted by Piplsay, a global marketing research platform. The findings fall roughly in line with other recent surveys.

Earlier in October, Grayscale found that 55% of United States investors were curious about buying cryptocurrencies. While Bitwise found 24% of monetary advisers already owned Bitcoin [BTC, +1.33%] or another crypto asset within a survey earlier published in January.

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise has put it among the top-performing assets of the last year and therefore the past decade. This strong performance has attracted institutional players from MassMutual to BlackRock, and MicroStrategy to Tesla, though some argue that retail interest has not kept pace.

Google searches for “bitcoin,” an adequate proxy for a public interest, have yet to succeed in levels seen in 2017, the prior cryptocurrency market bullish run.

Piplsay found that 41% of respondents think the stock exchange and crypto assets are equally risky investments. Of those that believe cryptocurrency isn’t a secure investment, 27% were concerned about hacking or fraud, 22% a few lacks regulations, and 20% crypto’s volatility.

A separate question found that 30% of these surveyed revealed that they still do not understand crypto assets, while 13% added that they never heard of cryptocurrency.

The words “we’re still early” didn’t appear anywhere within the survey.

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