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DApps Using EOS Blockchain Have Lost Around $1 Mln To Hacks, In Mere Last 5 Months.

In line with a recent report ‘published‘ by a Chinese crypto media outlet ‘Truth,’ DApps [Decentralized apps] using the EOS blockchain have lost up to $1 Mln to hacks since July this year.

The report cites information by PeckShield, a blockchain security company that monitors several ecosystems. in line with the report, the DApps on EOS have seen twenty seven breaches from July to late Nov. this year, losing up to 400,000 EOS, or eight million yuan. As of reporting time, the net hacked amount is valued worth $800,000 USD, as per the current price of EOS on CoinChangelly.

DApps Using EOS Blockchain Have Lost Around $1 Mln To Hacks, In Mere Last 5 Months.Nonetheless, Guo Yonggang, a professional cited by Blockchain Truth, believes that almost all of the attacks on EOS DApps correlate with their vulnerabilities instead of with a bug in EOS itself. Yonggang conjointly tends to suppose that similar attacks can become a lot more frequent, as hackers are intensively seeking exposures in applications.

Moreover, the report states that the EOS blockchain contains a vital amount of dormant accounts — around 200,000 of 500,000 in total. Additionally, nearly 120,000 accounts are reportedly managed by teams, which suggests that around 37% of the EOS blockchain is real active users.

As of reporting time, EOS is priced at around $1.84 USD. Its total capitalisation is up to around $1.8 Bln, that makes EOS the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Last week, U.S based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase proclaimed it absolutely was exploring the choices to list over thirty additional cryptocurrencies, as well as major players like Ripple [XRP], EOS and Cardano [ADA]. However, the exchange detected it’d probably be a long-run process, and a few assets may not be available in the market in many countries.

As reported earlier this month, there’s one more discussion surrounding the EOS phase, as Starteos — one in the very official sanctioned nodes which may approve EOS transactions — appeared to as publicly offer its token holders monetary rewards in return of their votes.

EOS had antecedently under a lot of criticism for a scarcity of decentralization when some confirmed ‘transactions‘ allegedly from a phishe account were reversed this fall.

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