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Crypto Whales Are Buying Trillions Of SHIB Tokens – Exclusive Report.

A whale bought 6 trillion SHIB tokens on Thursday and added 276 billion Shiba Inu recently, according to the IBT news. Other whales have taken an interest in this meme coin as well.

SHIB Gets Scooped Up In Record Quantities By A Whale

According to the report, an unnamed crypto whale concluded another deal earlier today, buying three more chunks of this Dogecoin competitor meme currency: 116 billion, 159 billion, and lastly another billion SHIB, after acquiring a mind-blowing 6 trillion SHIB on Thursday for $43,838,916.

Crypto Whales Are Buying Trillions Of SHIB Tokens - Exclusive Report.

Source: Tweet Feed

On Saturday, the individual completed the three transactions with only a few hours between them. The total amount of SHIB purchased today is 276 billion, which is in addition to the 6 trillion SHIB purchased by the same individual on Thursday.

According to the writers of the report, the Thursday buy drove SHIB almost 7% higher and gave the coin a momentum of 4.39 percent following today’s transactions.

According to whalestats, the whale’s address – 0x7e1aa2e386f02b398da7aad05447c4749d1317c1 – currently has zero SHIB.

The meme cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.000008592 and is already 10.92% up for the day, at the time of writing.

Crypto whales have taken a keen interest in the Dogecoin competitor, and have amassed large quantities of SHIB since the coin was launched to the eToro platform in late June.

Whales added another large stake in SHIB during the last week of July when the currency was featured on Coinbase Pro and WeBull. More SHIB flowed into whales’ cold wallets when Binance and Coinbase launched the currency in September and August, respectively.

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