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Crypto Market Records Biggest Looses For 2021 – Analysis.

Over the previous 24 hours, the global crypto market capitalization fell 17.53 percent to $2.18 trillion. Over the previous 24 hours, the overall crypto market volume has increased by 77.41 percent to $206.73 billion.

The overall volume in DeFi is presently $26.15 billion, accounting for 12.65% of the entire 24-hour volume in the crypto market. The overall volume of all stable currencies is currently $167.22 billion, accounting for 80.89 percent of the entire 24-hour volume of the crypto market.

Bitcoin’s dominance is at 40.57 percent, a 0.24 percent fall from the previous day. Bitcoin is currently priced for around $47k, an 18 percent decrease recorded for the day. Other significant cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum ($3905) and Binance Coin ($544.32), plummeted by about 15.8 percent. Gifto ($0.0654), on the other hand, has fallen by more than 50% in the previous 24 hours. Tether is up more than 0.2 percent ($1), while Dai is down 0.25 percent ($0.997).

Yesterday on 3rd December, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, declared that he had a great belief in blockchain technology. A measure to govern bitcoin is being developed, and RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das is among those who feel that the blockchain technology that supports cryptocurrencies may be able to function independently of the currency.

Sushil Kumar Modi, a Rajya Sabha member, and senior BJP politician requested on December 3 that the government regulate the internet gaming business and levy a standard tax on it.

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