win price prediction

Wink Price Prediction

Wink Price Prediction

Wink attempted to establish itself as a blockchain-based gaming system as being one of the initial coin offering (IEO) enterprises which best described the year 2019. While Wink Coin, as the cryptocurrency of this blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, offers a variety of features and benefits to its investors, it also has a number of drawbacks. This section offers detailed information about what Wink coin (WIN) is and how it functions, and where to purchase that token as well as what it costs. It also contains details about what it does. You may find out more about Bytecoin by going to this website (BCN).

What is Wink cryptocurrency?

TRONBet was replaced by Wink, a blockchain-based gaming platform based on the TRON network. One of the most major sources of demand for the coin has been its indigenous tokens, WIN that is used to make bets to perform transactions inside this platform. Customers may see the smart contracts that enable each of Wink’s games, enhancing the transparency and legitimacy of the company’s entertainment options.

Wink aspires to be a project that benefits all parties involved, including developers, community members, and investors. This is accomplished by granting WIN holders governance privileges, as well as offering gameplay discounts and some other benefits for gamers who’ve also made investments into WIN.

The maximum supply of WIN, according to the project’s whitepaper, will be 999 billion. According to CoinMarketCap, the current circulating supply is 766.15 billion coins or almost 77% of the total supply. Dice, Moon, Ring, and Duel, as well as other casino-style games such as slots games and card games, including blackjack and poker, are some of the most popular online games presented by Wink.

The platform was developed through a Binance Launchpad sale of 5% of the token’s supply, according to the token’s distribution. There is also a 7% allocation towards application developers, a 15.25 percent allocation for games and strategic partnerships, and a 12% first community’s allocation.

Finally, 15% of the token allocation was sold, 10% went to the development team, and 27% went to the ecosystem – these are the tokens that people use to play Wink — as was the case with the seeding sale. The project’s development team funded up to $1 million to get it off the ground, and the initial circulating supply was around 21%. Wink has 7,300 Telegram followers and 9,100 Twitter followers, according to the community that follows him. Lucia Wong, the Wink project’s CEO, is in charge.

What is WIN and how does it work? 

A goal of Wink is to become an excellent gaming network throughout the cryptocurrency community, allowing players to play, socialize, and stake across numerous blockchain platforms. TRONbet, Wink’s forerunner, was the first decentralized application (DApp) to be released on the TRON network. On the TRON blockchain, Wink claims to have the greatest collection of games, including poker, dice, and slots. The Wink platform also provides programmers with tools and resources to help them construct distinctive gaming DApps.

Who came up with the term “WIN"?

According to Binance Research, the development team consists of twelve persons, three of whom have worked in the gaming and management industries. Four more have prior experience with blockchain technology. Former workers of well-known companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ogilvy, Tencent, and Game loft make up the team. Additional than their names, no other information is provided.

It’s been suggested that such developers’ secrecy stems from the fact that they’re Chinese and don’t want their gaming platform to draw the notice of Chinese authorities. Each Wink user earns tokens by using the platform and enjoys their favorite sports. The more time a player spends playing, the more tokens he or she will earn. For token holders, there is a distinct function called Win Drops, which works in a more complicated manner. On November 11th, Wink celebrated reaching 55,000 followers on Twitter.

What is Win Drop and how does it work?

Win Power is a metric used by platform players. The number of Wins coins the client has determines their Win Power. The more the number of tickets a user possesses, the more Win Power they gain. Every day, the system distributes a set number of TRON tokens (TRX) to all WIN coin holders based on the quantity of Win Power available. TRX is distributed in proportion to a user’s Win Power.

WIN – Price History

The WIN rates were unconvincing between its inception in 2019 as well as the springtime of 2021, ranging at $0.0008. Their exchange rate subsequently surged by 400 percent by early April, reaching a high of $0.002682 on April 7, 2021. The free cost of transactions caused Wink customers to migrate to WIN, resulting in tremendous growth.

However, the price fell again, and the digital currency’s market value, which had surpassed $1 billion in April, had plunged to $144.6 million by mid-June. The price has slowly and gradually risen throughout the 5 months ever since. As per CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization was $677.6 million on Nov 27, 2021, putting it at #140 in the entire crypto market. At the time of writing, the WIN price was hanging at $0.0007001 on the same day.

WIN Mining – Stats

The Wink system provides developers with the resources they need to create apps (games) and export their work. The platform’s creators then utilize the reduced cost of transactions within the network to entice people in.

At the time of this writing, the average order value on such Ethereum platform was much above $10. To just get began with WIN, all you have is a TRON wallet, such as GuildWallet or TronLink, with around 8 TRX coins, as well as $0.749, according to Wallet Investor.

The platform’s developers believe that they can do so because it operates on its bandwidth and power grids. Users of third-party applications, on the other hand, are unable to sell their tokens on the secondary market. Is it possible to forecast the value of the WIN coin in 2021?

The following is a summary of some of the factors that could influence the price of Wink currency in the future.

Decentralized internet gaming is becoming more popular: According to Statistic, online multiplayer network activity increased during the pandemic as players sought alternatives amid lockdowns.

Wink is a decentralized gaming platform that is attempting to get into this burgeoning market. The adoption of decentralized platforms like Wink by gamers as a result of its features (earn-to-play, staking, and Holding) may drive the

Securing collaborations with game developers: WIN has created layer-2 decentralized software based on TRON that can run games. Players are rewarded if they follow the protocols outlined in the smart contracts that run each game. Staking and capital gains from a prospective increase in the price of WIN are used to compensate WIN investors.

If the project can attract prominent programmers who would like to make games upon that Wink network, the desire for the WIN token may rise.

Purpose of the WIN coin

The WIN coin is available in two versions: TRC20 and BEP2. TRC20, like the TRC token, is based on TRON virtual machines (TVMs), which are used by TRON developers and maintained by the TRON network. BEP2 are Binance Chain (BC) tokens. These coins are used to pay fees and enable all network transactions.

Wink’s decentralized gaming platforms are designed to provide customers ultimate control over their funds, while gambling DApps make transactions go smoothly and quickly. Wink claims to provide a low-cost casino operation with a lower house margin, more anonymity, and provable fairness for users.

Expansion Initiatives Wink Link

Despite being a relatively new coin, Wink Link’s success has echoed widely throughout the DeFi roof. When the founder of JUST NFT Fund accomplished one of the greatest breakthroughs. Justin Sun shared the exciting news that Wink Link, TRON’s first complete oracle project, has formed a partnership with JUST NFT Fund.

The alliance will ignite the crypto industry by diversifying use cases in the non-fungible token (NFT) space. The collaboration marks the first time WIN, Wink Link’s token has appeared in the NFT realm. The annual percentage yields of Win token are affected significantly as a result of this.

Overview of Wink Link (WIN)

Cryptocurrencies have succeeded in establishing themselves on a firm foundation of utility and security. The Wink Link system’s contributions as a paradigm appear precisely here. Through its TRON-based TRC 20 indigenous coin, WIN, Wink Link had also supplied users around the globe with full divination solutions.


Wink Link

Ticker Symbol




Price Change 24H


Price Change 7D


Market Cap


Circulating Supply

961,737,300,000 WIN

Trading Volume


All-Time High


All Time Low


Wink Link ROI


Don’t just concentrate on the transactions that require tremendous speed. However, Wink Link has fully merged oracles with the blockchain environment, resulting in procedures that are dependable, unpredictable, and verifiable, giving consumers a dreamlike experience.

Wink Link has a strong development team that ensures that such embedded pricing oracle process runs smoothly and that the oracle connects the off-chain world to smart contracts. Whether it’s data, events, or payment systems, the native Wink coin has played a significant part in facilitating fee payment. It made it possible to buy currencies on gaming and gambling platforms.

Wink Link’s inbuilt pricing oracle technology provides DeFi-building developers with robust and trustworthy price feeds. There isn’t a single real-world use case that Wink Link hasn’t addressed, whether it’s real-world data on sports or weather, gaming or gambling, or a mortgage or collateral. Wink Link has always been available to supply these oracles with solutions. Wink Link is a decentralized oracle network that provides more secure services and dependable information, unlike many existing oracles.

The overall design of Wink Link as a decentralized oracle network allows for a trustless and safe smart contract execution method. Bonds, interest rate derivatives, the insurance segment, or warehouse data all necessitate extensive data analysis and access to APIs that provide market values. Wink Link has proven critical in the secure interchange of data across all, thanks to its tamper-proof oracles.

Wink Link Price Forecast – 2021 to 2026

Wink Link (WIN) is positioned to become a performance benchmark, attracting a large investor community that has outperformed all expectations despite overcoming all challenges. Examine the long-term cryptocurrency forecast, which lists Wink Link as one of the most valuable digital assets.

Wink Link (WIN) is on track to create a new standard for performance, attracting a large investor community and exceeding all expectations. Let’s take a look at the long-term cryptocurrency outlook, which places Wink Link among the most valuable digital assets.

Wink Link Price Prediction – 2021

If the crypto market improves, the Wink Link (WIN) price is prepared to break all barriers and perform well, scaling the previously announced top. Overcoming all limits in the coming year would almost certainly result in a positive price movement for its investors. The Wink Link price might easily reach the minimum price level of $0.000101 by the end of 2021, thanks to its sturdy technology.

Wink Link Price Prediction – 2022

Given that the cryptocurrency market is unlikely to encounter any surprise pulses in its coming years, the Wink Link cost is ready to solidify its status as a major draw for such an investor community. The road ahead is full of blossoms if investor confidence keeps rising, resulting in a significant increase in the closing price, pushing it past all hurdles to $0.00115.

Wink Link Price Prediction – 2023

Wink Link has established a fast, dependable network and is dedicated to improving the user experience of the product. These features have the potential to boost the Wink Link coin’s price to $0.00135. If the demand for functional crypto continues into 2023, the average price might potentially rise by the end of the year.

Wink Link Price Prediction – 2024

There are numerous Wink Link price estimates for the future price of Wink Link. Especially when considering the technological advancements and pronouncements that the Corporation has planned. There are price estimates for Wink Link, with such the lowest price level expected to be approximately $0.00160, demonstrating the importance of Wink Link investment (WIN).

Wink Link Price Prediction – 2025

According to the Wink Link price prediction, the coin is also involved in community projects. According to the Wink Link pricing forecast, if they maintain its momentum and amass a substantial market worth, their efforts to improve education, awareness, or innovations could push that WIN cost to the minimum of $0.00186.

Wink Link Price Prediction – 2026

Expert cryptocurrency investors always think in terms of the long term rather than the short term. With a little patience and a long-term perspective, traders might anticipate a comeback by the end of 2026, as Wink Link coin usage grows dramatically. When Wink Link coin will no longer be a newcomer to the cryptocurrency market. Even still, according to the Wink Link cost estimates, the experienced trader may turn $0.0025.


WIN tokens could be traded for large gains and the price of Wink Link has shown a positive trend in the past. It is also gaining traction, making it a viable investment option for investors. Wink Link, an innovative new cryptocurrency investment platform, was created to be user-friendly, secure, and reliable data for investing in a wide range of assets, from traditional crypto dinosaurs to more modern coins.


Q - Is it wise to invest in Wink Link?

Yes, Wink Link is a fantastic investment option since traders may make a lot of money by exchanging WIN tokens, so the pricing of Wink Link has been rising steadily.

Q - What makes people believe in the Wink Link token?

The certainty for performance is the principal cause for Wink Link. A decentralized network only adds to the algorithm of safety as time goes on, eventually gaining the public’s trust.

Q - How is Wink Link gaining traction in the marketplace?

Many platforms and products that have been on the market for a long time make huge promises but fail to deliver. Wink Link is an example of a platform that lives up to its reputation. It’s worth noting that for such a network to gain value in the industry in the future, traders must have faith in it.

Q - Will you tell us where we could all purchase Wink Link?

As a naive entrant, all popular exchanges, such as Binance, ZT, Hotcoin Global, HitBTC, and KuCoin, include Wink Link in its product palette. This blocks reward scheme is also beneficial to investors, and Wink Link’s future performance makes it an easy pick.

Q - Does the value of Wink Link ever go down?

Other projections suggest that the price of Wink Link will not fall in the future. Regarding the general facts about cryptocurrency, however, the crypto trading volume may have an impact on the coin’s performance.

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