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Ocean Protocol Price Prediction

Ocean Protocol Price

Know About Ocean Before You Invest

Ocean protocol is based on a decentralized marketplace. It also offers the consumers instruments for the web3 data. This protocol is based on Ethereum and consists of data services and different assets. The main aim of this exchange protocol is to provide the consumers to share and trade data in a simple and safe manner. This exchange protocol does not cost much and is affordable for the general public. It offers maximum data security at a low cost.

Ocean protocol also assures the consumers’ protection of data. This platform connects the customers and data providers through a single platform. In this article, we will discuss the price prediction on OCEAN, the native token of Ocean Protocol, and discuss the basic features of Ocean Protocols.

Ocean & Ethereum: What is the similarity?

Ethereum is a blockchain-based digital platform. With the help of Ethereum, Programmers, and Software developers can create digital applications that can do transactions. The ocean protocol platform is based on this blockchain technology which will allow the platform users to share data in a secure way. The Ethereum based platform guarantees security and privacy to the consumers and providers.

Ocean Protocol – Overview

Ocean Protocol is based on blockchain technology and decentralized network. It provides services related to data for artificial intelligence. The main reason behind the innovation of this platform was to offer the advantages of Artificial intelligence to the users.  The users do not lose their data or privacy while monetizing it for profit.

Data providers can make money with their data and consumers can purchase data from these providers. The payment is made through the ERC20 token. One can trade, discover, search, and utilize it from ocean protocol in a legit manner. Those users who sell data on this platform remain the rightful owner while the consumers can use the purchased data freely.

Apart from utilizing the data, it also allows the consumers to collect their data. You have complete control over your data. Users can also create data sets by using the libraries offered by the platforms.  One can also establish their marketplace on this protocol platform. Users can also trade data on this platform. The name of the native token of ocean protocol is OCEAN.  This token has many functions such as selling or buying data. If you have this token, you can also use it to change the government of the protocol platform.

Ocean Protocol – Technicals


Ocean Protocol

Ticker Symbol




Max. Supply


Total Supply


Ocean Protocol ROI


Market Cap


Circulating Supply

613,099,141.00 OCEAN

Trading Volume


All-Time High


All-Time Low


Market Dominance


Exchange Platform

Bilaxy, Binance, MXC, P2PB2B, HBTC, Kucoin, BitZ, Gate.io, Poloniex, Balancer, Bittrex, VCC Exchange.



Launched year


Official website


OCEAN ICO – Overview

Platform used



Raised by

$30,650,000 USD


Date of ICO

3 May 2019


ICO Price




Fitchain, messari, couger, xprize, enigma.

Ocean Platform – History

This platform also provides the facility to launch a marketplace. It is a decentralized marketplace and is established using the software. This software helps the users to connect to the network (data access and sharing). One can use this marketplace for selling and buying data. Ocean Protocol platform is based in Singapore. It is established by DEX PTE LTD and BigChainFB. It is founded in the year 2017 and McConaghy is the co-founder. The ocean value is increasing with time. At present this platform has around three thousand data providers.

There was a prelaunch for this platform in 2020, the mentioned three thousand contributors to this platform were from 100 different countries. In 2017, Ocean Protocol collaborated with IBM WATSON AI XPRIZE. They also launched a program across 40 cities with the help of experts.

Ocean Protocol acts as a link between the consumer and data provider. It follows the belief that the future data-based economy is going to rely heavily on digital data.  This protocol platform also offers users to experiment and build artificial intelligence-related modules. These modules can be based on the efficiency and preciseness of Artificial intelligence.

The native token of this platform had to go through a hard fork contract. This happened when the Kucoin exchange was hacked. In this hacking case, 21 million native tokens of this platform were stolen. This led to the adoption of a new contract by the Ocean Protocol platform. One can purchase the token of the ocean platform in different trading places. When you become a data provider on this platform, you get rewards in the form of native tokens, OCEAN.

Ocean Protocol - How does it Work?

The ocean platform is mainly made of users, developers, marketplace, Defi, OCEAN token, Technocrats, OceanDAO, building team, etc. This protocol platform uses smart contracts that are custom programs. This makes sure that they can be easily exchanged or transferred on different decentralized apps. This platform uses Ethereum blockchain technology.

The main elements of this platform include-

1. Data Providers- they are responsible for minting and selling data.

2. Consumers- they are users who purchase data and redeem their data sets.

3. Marketplace- Marketplace helps the data provider and the consumers to get a single platform.

Ocean Token & Wallets

Ocean platform allows users to consume data with the help of ERC20 tokens. The users have the access to mint data and use these tokens. Every data set on this platform is covered by an ERC20 token. It represents only a specific set of data. The token of this platform was launched in 2017.

In the year 2021, approx. 327 OCEAN tokens are being circulated in the market. You need to use the Ocean token to trade data on this platform. The data sets are linked to DeFi and Blockchain with the help of Token ally.

In the case of the Ocean platform, the crypto wallets are transformed into data wallets. The crypto exchange platforms have been replaced with Data exchange marketplaces.

Off-ramp and on-ramp data assets consume and create data tokens respectively. Every data set is based on its specific token.

In order to enter a data set, one must provide a data token to the data provider.

These tokens are leveraged on the mainnet of Ethereum.

Ocean Data Exchange Marketplace

Ocean data exchange marketplace allows the platform users to trade data, run, and staking the fork. It functions like a Decentralized exchange platform. In this platform, the data is published because of the initial data provided. The dataset comes into being after the data provider publishes it. This dataset has its token. The price of these tokens can be decided by the data provider or it will be decided by an automatic process.

Here are some of the unique features of the Ocean data marketplace:

1. Earn

2. price discovery of tokens is automatic

3. Interoperability

4. Privacy-oriented

5. Universal login

6. OceanDAO

One of the unique features of the Ocean Protocol platform is that it offers the community grant via OceanDAO.  This feature is available for only those developers or users who develop and innovate software with the help of the ocean platform. Users can vote for and resister for the said proposals. Around 500k grants are offered by Ocean protocol to its users, you are eligible to vote on the projects if you hold ocean protocol.

Providers have two different ways to sell data on this data exchange platform. Selling of Latent Data. For example, if someone is a data scientist and has digital data that can be useful for the public, he can upload that data on the platform for public use. He also has the right to sell that data on this platform.

The second way is to sell open data (value-added). One can take open data and add value to it. You can also upgrade or reform the data. This data is later can be sold using the ocean protocol platform.

One can also calculate data to compute the synthetic data available. This is beneficial for the data scientists who can earn profit by providing the data. One also provides liquidity via staking. Ocean Protocol platform also provided a platform that is transparent, open, and decentralized for data trading.

OCEAN Token – Market Sentiments

The current value of the OCEAN token is around $1.13. The volume for a day is $493,869,694. The maximum value this token has recorded is $1.94, in 2021. The maximum value at which this platform is trading is around $0.01365, in 2019. The total market cap for this token is $689,456,224. The circulating supply of Ocean tokens is around 613,099,141

The Crypto market has a total worth of $2.64 trillion in October. There is an increase in the trading volume that is around 31.15%. Ocean platform has witnessed tremendous growth in the number of users, coin circulation, and coin mining.

If we notice the last trading sessions for the Ocean platform, we see the sideway trading in the price and value. Investors faced a 6% financial loss and the return for one month was around 17%. Recently, investors faced more than 30% loss and the return for one year was around 69%.

Cryptocurrency can show a sharp decline and rise without any market trend. Ocean Protocol has taken the place in the top 200 platforms and currently, it is equally important. OCEAN coins were not for short-term investment returns as the value addition happened slowly.  Hence, it can be said that the price predictions for Ocean are not bullish. It is the same for the long- and short-term investment.

Ocean Protocol – Price Analysis

For the present trading session, the value of the Ocean coin looks bearish. The price range for Ocean protocol currently is fluctuating around $0.829-$1.25. since the year started, we noticed a squeeze in Bollinger Band. We also saw the all-time high value for the ocean coin.

OCEAN token is available for users in the market since the year 2019. In the beginning, the value of 1 ocean was around $0.02-$0.07. This trend of OCEAN could be seen for almost 1 year.

On the 11th of September, the value of OCEAN coins increased and reach the value of $0.129.  However, this sharp rise was only seen for a few hours. It can be said that the September month saw an exception.

The steady progress is a witness in the price value of the OCEAN coin. If you compare the price for the years 2020 and 2019, the price rise has doubled significantly. The ROI is around 100% for OCEAN in this case. Thus, it can be said that the performance of OCEAN is hopeful even though the ROI has not been much impressive.

OCEAN coin has seen a significant increase in value for the past three months. It is the best performance since the currency was launched. The high value in August and the present value of the coin have shown a positive market trend. The ROI has also increased around 93%. Thus, the signs are positive for this currency.

Ocean Protocol Price Forecast – 2021 to 2026

OCEAN price prediction is done on the past market performance of the OCEAN coin. The anticipation of the future value will help the investors to make the right investment choice. The price prediction for the OCEAN coin is around $2.5.  If it reached the forecasted price within the specified period, it can be proved as a good investment choice for the investors.

The Ocean Protocol value for today is half in comparison to the highest value price. The value has decreased.  In case the market goes in favor of the ocean protocol, then it can help the investors to add value to their investment portfolio.

The positive market trend for ocean protocol will increase the value and market cap of the token and the currency respectively. A positive market trend in ocean protocol and its token can be a good investment choice for investors. These price predictions are provided to take a general idea to the investors, please do your research about the OCEAN coin and Ocean platform before making any investment decision.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction – 2021

For the year 2021, the price prediction for Ocean protocol is around $1.4 USD. In case the market remains steady and shows positive trends, the price rise for the ocean is expected to rise around $1.52. This price forecast is done by professionals and crypto analysts. The lowest price for the ocean is expected to be around $1.05. the other price prediction analysis has predicted the average value of the coin to remain around $1.30 for the starting of the year 2022.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction – 2022

At the beginning of 2022, the experts have predicted the price of Ocean protocol to be around $8. The lowest price for ocean protocol is predicted to be around $4.5. the average price for ocean currency is to hover about $3.65.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction – 2023

The future price analysis shows a positive value trend for the Ocean Protocol. The investment for the year 2023 can be profitable for the investors. The average value predicted by the price analyst is to fluctuate around $10.95. The highest value for Ocean protocol is predicted to be around $15. The price fluctuation according to the professional will remain to fluctuate around $10-$12.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction – 2024

The price prediction for the year 2024 for ocean protocol will remain around $30. The prices are analyzed by professionals. The average value of Ocean Protocol will be around $20.15. The value rise of Ocean protocol can go up to $25.75. It will break ATH and reach a market value of $26.90. Thus, providing the investors a golden opportunity for long-term investment.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction – 2025

The forecast system shows the average price of the Ocean for the year $45, and the Ocean Protocol forecast will reach a maximum price of $50.4 and will be a good investment over five years.

The OCEAN coin has a positive investment trend.  Investors can make an investment choice to gain a profit in long-terms. The OCEAN coin has seen a slow increase in its value but it is gradual. However, the investment market for Cryptocurrency is an unpredictable one and one can not tell the true nature of the investment. Hence, there can be a value addition with the help of ocean currency. It can also go beyond the mentioned prices. The opposite is also true. One can also face losses due to negative market trends.

Ocean Protocol Price Prediction – 2026

The value of the OCEAN coin will not fall according to the analysis of the price experts. According to our price prediction, the OCEAN coin will have the lowest market value around $70.5. The maximum price value of the OCEAN coin is predicted to be around $82.79.  The average value for the ocean coin is going to remain around $75.07.


Ocean Protocol is the platform for data trading for those who want secure and transparent data trading. Users can also monetize their data with the help of this platform. Ocean platform offers access to a large amount of data that can be useful for the public. This platform also supports the development of Artificial intelligence.

Ocean platform is seeing a gradual rise in the field of cryptocurrency. The decentralized marketplace allows users to use their data according to their choice. Ocean Platform is collaborating with a big organization, data providers, and other major industries. It is among the best blockchain-related projects. The possibility of Ocean Platform rise is high.

The projects under this network are getting support from major medical institutions alongside many tech companies such as Microsoft. Artificial intelligence and digital data are going to reform the future in many ways. We hope that you understood the price prediction for Ocean Platform


Can I consider the OCEAN coin as a profitable investment?

Ocean Protocol has seen a gradual rise in its value. The future for the OCEAN coins looks bright. The crypto-investors can invest in this coin as the future seems promising. It is also expected that the OCEAN coin can outperform its past performances in the future and offer a high ROI to investors.

What should I do before I make an investment in the OCEAN coin?

If you are thinking of investing in the OCEAN coin, you should check how much knowledge you have on this matter, you can also take the help of a professional advisor. You should conduct proper research before making any investment choices.

Where can I purchase the OCEAN coin or Ocean Protocol?

One can trade and purchase the OCEAN coins and token at the major cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as BITFINEX, Poloniex, BINANCE, BITTREX, and Kucoin.

Is it risky if I invest in OCEAN Coin?

Every investment can be risky for investors if they do not pay proper attention to their investment plans. Ocean protocol is no exception. Cryptocurrency investment and Ocean Protocol have seen a rise and fall in the market. However, this investment is more unstable than the traditional investment tools. The uncertain nature of the market can affect your financial status badly.

What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency is a new way to trade. It is completely virtual and does not have any physical form. You can consider it as a digital form of currency to trade in different digital platforms. You can do financial transactions and buy goods with the help of Cryptocurrencies.

Can a person buy & sell data on the Ocean Protocol platform?

Yes, one can monetize their data with the help of Ocean Platform. You remain the rightful owner of the data and have complete control over it. This platform is secure and transparent. As it has adopted Ethereum based network, the chances of getting hacked are low. However, as the technology is upgrading, one should also be careful about its pros and cons.

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