alice price prediction

Alice Price Prediction

Alice Price Prediction

ALICE is the native cryptocurrency token of My Neighbor Alice, the multiplayer cryptocurrency building game. It allows token holders to participate in the game by playing, investing, and investing. Players can buy and possess virtual islands and earn prizes for activities like farming, fishing, and beekeeping, which together help to create an Alice World.

Aside from competitive virtual adventures, the game’s utility token (ALICE) serves a variety of purposes, including in-game purchases and participating within that game’s governance processes.

Investing in the crypto market is an ideal way to generate income. However, it is not as straightforward as most people believe. If you truly want to invest in the market, you must conduct extensive research to understand the market’s movements inside any condition.

You’ll also need to invest in the proper spot to achieve a large return in a short period of time. Today, we’ll talk about MyNeighborAlice, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market (ALICE). As a result, you can invest in this cryptocurrency and earn a lot of money in the future.

What Is MyNeighborAlice (ALICE)?

My Neighbor Alice, or MNA, is a new multiplayer building game that appears to appeal to people who aren’t necessarily interested in blockchain games. But the gaming community as a whole thanks to its engaging player-driven storyline and user-friendly blockchain-powered features.

The game is set in Alice’s universe and offers a series of islands where players can purchase and expand plots of land by filling them with their inventions. The game features a unique and whimsical look comparable to Animals Crossing, but also has a strong decentralized finance (DeFi) element, guaranteeing it caters to a more niche crypto audience.

My Neighbor Alice is a story-driven game that encourages social connection and creativity by allowing players to construct on their landholdings and show off their creations to their friends and other players. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are wholly owned by the player, are used to represent the majority of objects in the game.

It’s being made by Antler Interactive, a mobile and virtual reality gaming firm with a number of well-known titles under its belt, including Krystopia and SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix. Anna Norrevik, the firm’s CEO, is a financial expert who has worked for prestigious worldwide organizations such as Credit Suisse and Accenture. ALICE, the game’s native governance token, was released on the Binance Launch pool in March 2021, after DAO Producer’s Feb 2021 Stronger Holding Offer (SHO).

MyNeighborAlice – Overview

My Neighbor Alice, like other building games, has an open-world framework that allows players to move between islands to interact with other players and in-game characters. Players use their customizable avatar to explore Alice’s environment.

The game’s virtual islands are separated into individual plots of land, the majority of which will be owned by the players in the future. These plots of land are each represented by a unique NFT, in which owners can sell or exchange, and which is extremely configurable, allowing users to add decorations and alter the topography to create their unique patch.

MNA offers a variety of objectives and activities for players as a story-driven game. The My Neighbor Alice white paper reveals that in addition to the official quests, the community will be allowed to design their events and pool their resources to pursue common goals.

NFTs are in-game resources in My Neighbor Alice, and their rarity varies. For example, the land is limited, and some products are only available in restricted quantities. Users who make their things will be able to control scarcity by limiting the number of copies available.

What Distinguishes MyNextDoor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is aimed to appeal to both casual gamers and hardware DeFi lovers, as stated above. Despite this, it has a wide range of characteristics that make it appealing to such a large demographic. On the DeFi front, gamers can take advantage of MNA’s extensive DeFi features, which include:

Lending Economy

A loan and borrowing economy has been implemented into the platform. In exchange for a payout, players can lend out their NFTs or borrow them from others. By leveraging smart contracts to ensure that lenders always get their tokens back, My Neighbor Alice makes this a trustless system.

Players can also make money by selling NFTs and ALICE coins immediately through the in-game marketplace and on other external NFT marketplaces, such as Treasure land, on multiple blockchains.

My Neighbor Alice also has a distinctive property in which a portion of each NFT’s listed for sale worth is placed in a dedicated account linked to the NFT. For instance, when someone buys an NFT for 1 ETH, 10% of that amount is locked in the corresponding NFT account and can be reclaimed if the NFT is burned later.

This intrinsic value guarantees that NFTs always maintain a minimum value and can be utilized as collateral in DeFi lending applications.


Users will be able to earn a reward by staking existing coins, and MNA is expected to offer the highest staking yields in the early days of the game. This will eventually decrease as the game develops and additional features are added.

Blockchain-Based In-Game Assets

The ALICE tokens function as the 1:1 representation of the game’s in-game cash on the blockchain. The currency can be used to buy game things, gain staking rewards, and participate in MNA’s decentralized government system inside this Alice universe (powered by Chromunity).

The ALICE token is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token. As a result, it is protected by a large proof-of-work (POW) mining network, which comprises thousands of nodes cooperating to keep the blockchain safe.

MNA NFTs, on the other hand, are made with the “Chromic Originals" NFT technique. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, which leverages the proof-of-staked authority (PoSA) consensus for security, is used instead.

Fundamental Analysis of MyNeighborAlice

My Neighbor Alice, one of the most recent NFT (and DeFi!) games to hit the market, uses ALICE as a governance token and in-game cash. Antler Interactive is working on My Neighbor Alice, which will be released on Steam in the spring of 2022. ALICE participants can playtest the pre-alpha copy of the game straight away.

My Neighbor Alice (MNA) is a cryptocurrency that is part of the most recent trend in the cryptocurrency market: NFT gaming. It’s a multiplayer building game influenced by Animal Crossing, which became popular not only because of the elements of the game but also because of the charming visual aesthetic.

MNA’s environment, like Animal Crossing’s, comprises multiple islands where a player’s character, or avatar, can own land, build and improve on it, complete missions, purchase clothing and cosmetic things for their character, and so on. But what sets MNA apart is that every item in the game is an NFT. They can be purchased and sold both within the game and outside of it, just like any other NFT.

ALICE coins could be used to purchase NFT products in-game. These can be used as governance tokens or for staking, which has DeFi functionalities within MNA. There’s yield farming, collateralizing NFTs, and ALICE-based NFT lending. ALICE coins can be bought on the open market or earned through gameplay.

Overview of My Neighbor Alice

The overview of MyNeighborAlice is shown in the column below.

Coin Name


Coin Symbol




Market cap


Circulating Supply

30,600,000.00 ALICE

Total Supply


MyNeighborAlice is presently valued at $15.19 and has a market capitalization of $466,052,109, putting it at number 155 on the ranking of the most valuable coins. According to the TechNewsLeader Price Index, ALICE has such a 24 hr turnover of $288,661,673. There is a maximum quantity of 30,600,000 coins available.

MyNeighborAlice Price Forecast 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 & 2030

We predict future MyNeighborAlice price predictions/ALICE forecasts at Price Prediction.Net using deep artificial intelligence-assisted technical analysis on MyNeighborAlice market prices. We make every effort to gather as much historical data on the ALICE coin as possible, which includes many characteristics such as previous price, MyNeighborAlice market value, MyNeighborAlice volume, and a few others. If you would like to invest in various cryptocurrency exchanges and get a decent return on your money, read our predictions first.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2021

ALICE has a ton of potential; with such suitable collaboration and developments, an overall number of customers and adoption might skyrocket. If the market focuses its investment on MyNeighborAlice, the price might skyrocket. It has the potential to reach a maximum value of $22.91 by 2021. If the market collapses, the ALICE is supposed to turn around for a while. The year 2021 is expected to end with an average price of $22.15, with a low of $19.50 and a high of $22.91.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2022

ALICE will be perceived as a better option, and the price of MyNeighborAlice will reach new highs thanks to the large community. Price fluctuations can be extremely difficult to predict, particularly because once the market is more bullish or bearish than it has ever been.

MyNeighborAlice will cost around $29.93 in 2022. The most we can get is $36.70. An average price for MyNeighborAlice is expected to be about $31.09 by the end of 2022. Within the range specified by the cryptocurrency world, a high-cost fluctuation is expected.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2023

MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) prices appear means have reached a comparable level to their prior all-time high by 2023.

We can estimate an average price of $43.68 by 2023. If all goes as planned, then the futures contract for MyNeighborAlice by 2023 might be as expensive as $52.20. Naturally, after just a long bull market, the marketplace may crash, which is to be expected in the bitcoin market.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2024

There are indications that the cryptocurrency sector is set to enter a new epoch. Certain that the long-term price projection for ALICE will raise since there is still hope that the currency will gain a lot more attention. 2024 is expected to end with an average price of $66.50 and a minimum price of $63.93. The highest possible price is estimated to be approximately $73.97.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2025

Fundamental analysis is needed for long-term MyNeighborAlice pricing projections. This indigenous currency presents a range of industrial advantages. The digital economy is desirable because of its self-sufficiency.

As DAPPs and sustainable cryptocurrencies arise, such a network provides cost-effective customizable payment, shipping, and storing options. If more investors are intrigued by the idea, the average cost for ALICE might grow to around $95.19 by 2025. The year 2025 might end with such a contract rate of $109.36 and a minimum cost of $91.07.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2026

Because of the efforts of network developers and community investors, the value of MyNeighborAlice will rise. As a result, the forecasted price for 2026 is positive. Experts forecast that by the end of 2026, ALICE would reach a high of $157.86. On the other side, there is a strong likelihood that MyNeighborAlice’s future will improve.  

As a result, by 2026, the average price of ALICE is estimated to range between $136.29 and $140.02, depending on market conditions. The ALICE’s maximum price ranges from $136.29 to $157.86 for 2026, as indicated in the same phrase.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2027

MyNeighborAlice’s current price range may pique the interest of several traders, and as a result, ALICE may reach $229.84 by 2027 with significant collaboration with financial institutions if the following conditions are met.

With an average price of $196.75 for 2027, it has the potential to greatly improve the current valuation trends and set new highs. The price tagline may change as the cryptocurrency market continues to rise toward 2027.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2028

With further acceptance and cooperation with other major blockchain networks, the price of MyNeighborAlice is expected to skyrocket in 2028, with a maximum trading price of $337.65. If we maintain the price ranges the same, they’ll be quite fashionable. If everything goes according to plan, we may expect an average price of $284.95 in 2028, with a maximum price of $337.65.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2029

Many websites and forums offer a seamless approach to this currency. MyNeighborAlice will remain stable at its current pricing for a long time, according to the same prediction platform. The ALICE is anticipated to reach a maximum value of $477.89 by 2029. If the marketplace becomes optimistic, the standard rate might rise to $495.55.

ALICE Price Prediction – 2030

The cryptocurrency market is based on volatility. Forecasting and keeping up with current pricing are difficult these days. Throughout this instance, significant numbers of cryptography experts are involved. For the periods specified, the prices estimates are accurate.

Such crypto banning or fresh limitations are still causing alarm among cryptocurrency users. If the market has a strong bull run in 2030, the price of MyNeighborAlice might reach $699.98. Given that long-term investors are projected to own it, the standard value during 2030 is expected to be around $616.66.


According to the result, this cryptocurrency would make everybody happy by 2025, but several dealers have already indicated an incentive to invest in it. It would be the choice whether or not it should put more money whether you are likewise enthusiastic wills double the investment.

Many individuals already have put their money into this cryptocurrency. We’ve previously released the MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) Price Prediction, which would provide you with accurate estimates of future token prices. So, keep tuned with us for additional information about the most popular cryptocurrencies.


How much does MyNeighborAlice cost today?

MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) is currently trading at $15.70 and has a market capitalization of $466,038,163.

Is it wise to invest in MyNeighborAlice (ALICE)?

The value of MyNeighborAlice is projected to rise in the future since scarcity drives up prices. Please keep in mind that every transaction has some risks. Simply said, invest in what you can accomplish before making any conclusions, and do as much research as possible.

What is the estimated value of MyNeighborAlice in 2025?

According to these systems and experts, the values for MyNeighborAlice likely begin to escalate over the following five years, exceeding $93.16 by the end of 2025. Even though the price appears to be excessive, you never know. ALICE and other Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, and their value can fluctuate drastically at any time.

Within 10 years, how much will MyNeighborAlice be worth?

Over 10 years, the price of MyNeighborAlice is far more likely to climb to $616.86. Within the following 8 to 10 years, a cost of 1 MyNeighborAlice could exceed the low price of $596.51 and the highest price of $699.93.

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