Crypto Categories Oozing Profit Potential – Which Dips To Buy?

Crypto Categories Oozing Profit Potential – Which Dips To Buy?

2022-06-23 | Selina Mathew

Crypto Categories Oozing Profit Potential – Which Dips To Buy?


The crypto market is a big, big place. There are thousands of coins, with more being added all the time. Some of these coins have been around for years, and others were created just yesterday.

How do you choose which ones are worth your time and money? 

We've got some advice for you: look for the hidden gems. These could be protocol layer tokens like Cardano or Dfinity that enable other cryptocurrencies to exist. 

They could also be next-generation protocols like Avalanche and StrongStack—or even new platforms like Nano or Stellar—that take advantage of blockchain technology in truly innovative ways.


Cardano is a third-generation blockchain that runs on a stake consensus mechanism. Peercoin was the first coin to use this technology back in 2012.

Cardano was the first to implement a technique called Ouroboros, which has been studied extensively and tested since its inception.

In addition to being the first PoS blockchain, Cardano is also the first to implement a new programming language called Plutus and its virtual machine for smart contracts. 

This technology allows you to create apps that run natively on their network without having them translated into other languages such as Ethereum's Solidity or NEO's C#/.Net so they can be executed on their corresponding blockchains (and vice versa).


Dfinity is a decentralized cloud computing network. The project aims to create a completely decentralized Internet that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to facilitate transactions between users.

The Dfinity team includes Andreas Schildbach, one of the co-founders of Bitcoin (Java implementation of the Bitcoin protocol) who has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2009; Dominic Williams, Founder and CEO at DFINITY Labs; and Martin Burckhardt (formerly at Google), who serves as CTO. 

Other well-known experts are also contributing to this project: Dr. Viktor Tron, former VP of Research at Ethereum; Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn, Founder & CEO at Least Authority Enterprises LLC (LAE), an open-source software company that develops security software using cryptography.

Nathan Roseberg, former CTO at Blockstream Corporation; Iddo Bentovim (formerly COO at Bancor); Andreas Brekken (Founder & CEO) & Christian Ottenheimer (CFO).

They raised $61 million during their ICO valuing them at over 1 billion dollars! Their token metrics include 1 billion tokens total supply, with 50% being available for sale during crowd-sale ($50 million worth).

You can currently buy DFINITY on exchanges like Binance or Huobi Pro, where it trades at around $0.20 per coin - making this crypto one to watch closely if you're looking for some good profits!


Avalanche is a decentralized data marketplace. It's a protocol layer coin that has a lot of potential.

This coin is available on Binance, Kucoin, and OKEx exchanges.


StrongStack is a decentralized cloud computing platform.

What does that mean? 

It means that StrongStack allows you to rent out your unused CPU and GPU power to other users on the network. 

This is great if you're a gamer who wants to mine cryptocurrency while playing or if you're someone with extra processing cycles they're not using during the day at work.

You can earn money in exchange by allowing someone else to use your idle processor time or rent out your own processing power when it's not being used to paying clients. 

That's right: no more wasting time idly waiting for an ad video to load! You can now be making money while surfing Facebook or checking emails.

Protocol layer coins can make you rich

You're probably familiar with cryptocurrencies, but what about the underlying technology that makes them possible? 

These protocol layer coins are the future, and they will continue to outperform even bitcoin in terms of growth and overall value. Here are five reasons why:

● They're different than other coins.

● They have the best profit potential.

● They're secure & stable (unlike tokens).

● They have a great track record so far (unlike ICOs).

● The technology behind them is innovative.


If you're looking for your next big investment, these protocol layer coins might be just what you need. There is still room for growth in this space, and the value of these coins will surely rise as more people adopt them.

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