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Creating NFTs On MyEtherWallet – Introduction.

Earlier this week,  MyEtherWallet, or MEW, introduced ETH Blocks, its first nonfungible token (NFT) collection that tokenizes specific blocks on the Ethereum blockchain. MyEtherWallet’s first NFT drop and its commitment to “creating history” were mentioned by CEO Kosala Hemachandra.

Based on the block’s data, unique visuals linked with ETH Blocks are produced. The MyEtherWallet website is the only place where MEW users may get these NFTs.

According to the firm, a handful of blocks have already been claimed. Blocks one through ten were given first dibs by Ethereum’s creators. There are also 13 ETH Blocks symbolizing Ethereum’s history — such as important milestones, forks, and blockchain upgrades — that have been placed up for a month-long auction, with earnings going to charities including The Skid Row Housing Trust, Wikipedia, Girls Who Code, and NPR, among others.

He went on to say that the project’s goal is to provide users full access to all the Ethereum blockchain has to offer. Because the majority of NFT markets are now constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, he believes it “makes sense” to incorporate Ethereum users of all skill levels by enabling them to mint and control unique bits of the network.

As nostalgic as ETH Blocks may be for users, Hemachandra stated that Ethereum’s history and “every fork and upgrade” have a particular place in the MEW team’s hearts as well. With the launch of ETH Blocks, he and the MEW team seek to demonstrate their belief in Ethereum’s promise and the long-term viability of NFTs.

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