Cream Finance DeFi Protocol Hacker Returns $17.6 Mln Ethereum Stolen.

The Cream Finance decentralized protocol cracker has reimbursed 5,152.6 ETH ($ 17.6 million at the time of writing) stolen from the recent attack. This was noticed by the specialists of the company in the field of blockchain security PeckShield Inc.

#FundReturn @CreamdotFinance hacker just returned 5,152.6 ETHhttps: //

– PeckShield Inc. (@peckshield) September 8, 2021

The amount was credited to the project’s multi-sig wallet.

Cream Finance has not yet commented on the hacker’s act.

As a reminder, on August 30, Cream Finance’s DeFi protocol came under attack with instant credit. The damage amounted to 462,079,976 AMP and 2804 ETH (more than $ 18 million at the time of the attack).

Later, the developers of the protocol announced their readiness to independently compensate the victims for losses by deducting 20% ​​of the commission fees.

The developers also announced that they would pay 10% of the stolen amount to the hacker if he returned the funds.

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