Compound Token Distribution Bug Identified – Mistakenly Transfers $70 Mln To A User.

Compound Finance (COMP) appeared to have a problem with the distribution of tokens after introducing and passing a recent ruling vote on the distribution of rewards, Proposal 62. Shortly afterward, Compound reported on a tweet that there was unusual conduct regarding the distribution of COMP following the vote, but that “No money provided/borrowed at risk.”

The decentralized finance (DeFi) exchange rate protocol Compound Finance has reported disruption to the distribution of tokens within its recently launched Proposal 62, which greatly contributes providers to tens of millions of dollars.

The renewal was designed to “separate the distribution of COMP rewards and error correction” and was completely guaranteed without any problems. However, within hours, the group noted “unusual work,” saying “Compound Labs and community members are investigating non-compliance with COMP distribution.”

Apart from the development, the group emphasized that no loans or loans are at risk.

Protocol users reported a major hurricane, one demanding a deposit of 70 million COMP tokens in their account, amounting to $ 20 million.

Super-Coder at SushiSwap Mudit Gupta revealed that a single letter bug was missing from a series of tweets.

Compound Finance (COMP) appeared to have a problem with the distribution of tokens after the recent submission of the ruling prize vote, Proposal 62. borrowed at risk. 

Compound Labs founder Robert Leshner shared some insights into the events:

“Proposal 62 and the new contract have been drafted by a member of the public, reviewed by many other members of the public.”

About $240k COMP (~ $ 70m) tokens have been issued and one more $40k (~ $ 13m) will appear to be issued immediately.

If you happen to have pre-installed tokens as we speak, go fight for your luck.

It will be interesting to note that Compound asks customers to return additional tokens (as Alchemix does)

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