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Coinbase Exchange Reveals Its Free Cash Withdrawals Service In Partnership With PayPal.

In line with a recent announcement ‘published‘, major American crypto exchange named ‘Coinbase’ has introduced free of cost cash withdrawals to on-line payment system PayPal.

Now onwards, Coinbase’s United States-based customers would be able to withdraw their balances to Paypal. The service for sevral other countries are reportedly be announced some time in 2019.

Coinbase and PayPal antecedently integrated in 2016, after which Coinbase added support for the payment platform additionally to major credit cards. At the time, Coinbase users were able to sell Bitcoin [BTC] and have their fiat funds deposited to a PayPal account. The integration was laterly terminated because of some technical difficulties.

With this move, Coinbase has increased its range of services, that has been actively increasing over the past many months. This month, the exchange began “exploring” the possibilities of providing  commercialism support for additional 31 cryptocurrencies. Potential new additions embody Ripple [XRP], EOS [EOS] and Cardano [ADA]. Coinbase “will be operating within native banks and regulators to feature them in as several jurisdictions as possible.”

As reported earlier in Sept., Coinbase ‘proclaimed‘ a new process that may supposedly enable it to list a lot more digital assets quicker. Issuers who wish to submit tokens at Coinbase via the newly  adopted process  can use a special form, that can later on be evaluated by the exchange team against their digital asset framework.

In November, Coinbase ‘revealed‘ OTC [over-the-counter] commercialism for institutional customers. Christine Sandler, head of sales at Coinbase, stated that the over-the-counter service is probably going to be combined with Coinbase Custody, that is a service crypto guardian tool for institutional investors launched on 2nd July, this year.

Earlier in March this year, PayPal also filed a patent within USPTO [US Patent and Trademark office] to extend the speed of cryptocurrency payments. The patent describes an associated “Expedited Virtual Currency dealings System”, involving the utilization of secondary personal keys to shorten wait times for transactions between customers and merchants.

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