Coinbase ‘COIN’ Shares Presently Trading At Price $369 USD Per Share.

Coinbase COIN shares are presently indicated to trade at $369 USD per share, consistent with Bloomberg.

The number, that is way from definite and only reflects the progress made between buyers and sellers as they work to assign a price, is 48% over the $250 USD reference price per share that Nasdaq as well as Goldman Sachs released yesterday afternoon.

It’s only moderately higher, however, than what the cryptocurrency exchange traded at within the private secondary market, $343.58 USD per share.

Different media are reporting various market values for Coinbase. At $369 USD per share, using the amount of shares presently outstanding, 199.2 Mln, Coinbase would have a valuation of $73.5 Bln, a bit over than Adyen. This is often how firms are traditionally valued.

Moreover, using the amount of shares if all options were exercised, 261.3 Mln, the worth of the exchange would be inflated to $97.1 Bln, a figure that’s being thrown around tons today. By that measure, Coinbase would be larger than Daimler.

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