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Coinbase Adds Support For EOS, Expect For Users In U.K. & New York.

In line with a recent official ‘press-release‘ published, leading U.S. based ‘cryptocurrency‘ exchange & wallet service provider named ‘Coinbase’ has added support for ‘EOS‘.

This new addition is reportedly available for trading and holding in most of the areas covered by Coinbase, with the exception of users residing within U.K. and New-York at the reporting time.

The announcement additionally added that there are no transactional fees associated to EOS; the price is instead paid in computing resources, like a tax on RAM, CPUs, or network bandwidth. Users that run the network can also earn EOS by sharing the computer processing power required to run transactions.

EOS is one among the largest cryptocurrencies recently listed by the exchange – with a market capitalization of over ‘$8 Bln‘ – since Ripple’s token XRP was ‘added‘ earlier in the month of February. Coinbase also recently ‘added‘ support for two other stablecoins – Dai and USD Coin [USDC].

As ‘reported‘ earlier in May, Coinbase started expanding its global offerings by providing support to over 50 new jurisdictions and an educational program with small crypto-currency payments, Coinbase Earn, that’s presently available in over a 100 countries.

Also just recently, Coinbase Vice President of Business, Data and International, named ‘Emilie Choi’, ‘confirmed‘ that the decentralized trading isn’t on the agenda for the exchange for now. Choi stated on the issues of compliance being a deterrent to Coinbase launching a DEX [Decentralized Exchange], Explaining further, she added:

“We have to ensure that if we provide a DEX that we’re doing it in an exceedingly approach that’s safe and secure and compliant. I think that there’s not alot of clarity now on how that would work. We predict this area is very interesting, but we’re not presently actively investing in it right at this period of time.”

At the reporting time, Eos [EOS] is presently trading at price around ‘$7.45 USD‘, which is about 7.80% lower than yesterday.

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