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Cloud Servers Still Target For Cryptojacking – XMRig Malware.

In line with a recent official report published by cybersecurity firm, Aqua Security, cloud servers remain a serious target for cryptojacking – a kind of attack whose sole purpose is to mine crypto assets.

The “2020 Cloud-Native Threat Report” states that between the 2nd half of last year and the primary half of this year, attacks of this nature surged by 250%. Summing to a total, 95% of the 16,371 attacks registered during this era were associated with cryptojacking.

The perpetrators of this sort of exploit rely heavily on the utilization of XMRig, a renowned Monero [XMR] mining application, to deploy the attacks.

While explaining further, Aqua Security added:

“Though Bitcoin [BTC] has better publicity than Monero [XMR], the last is preferred by the adversaries. We speculate that they choose Monero since it’s considered significantly more anonymous than Bitcoin.”

As cryptocurrency prices have risen, researchers have witnessed a hike within the amount of cryptojacking and other related attacks, consistent with research from cybersecurity firm Symantec. Their findings showed a 163% hike in browser-based cryptojacking activity within the 2nd quarter of this year.

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