CertiK Raises $24 Mln In Its Series B Funding Round.

Blockchain cybersecurity startup CertiK raised $24 Mln in an extension of its Series B funding round led by Tiger Global as well as GL Ventures.

The round brings CertiK’s total fundraising to over $70 Mln.

Earlier in July, CertiK was able to raise around $37 Mln within a funding round co-led by Coatue Management and Shunwei Capital, with participation from Coinbase Ventures.

The firm revealed that it’s entering a stage of “hyper-growth” with the expansion of its team as well as development of security-focused tech.

The blockchain and smart-contract security firm’s backers embody Binance, IDG Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners as well as Yale University.

The raise reflects the explosive growth in DeFi [Decentralized Finance], which runs on automated smart-contract code and decentralized exchanges, a number of which are subject to bugs and hacks.

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