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CEO Of TRON [TRX] Prompted 8% Rise In The Price OF ‘TRX’.

CEO of TRON [TRX], ‘Justin Sun’ in via his official tweet announced the Forthcoming Partnership with an anonymous firm valued at billions of dollar.

The tweet recently posted by TRON’ CEO announced that:

“Finally, 1st time to partner with tens of billions USD valuation IndustryGiant. Well Guess the name.”

CEO Of TRON [TRX] Prompted 8% Rise In The Price OF 'TRX'.Twitter followers quickly joined the name guessing name in which one proposed the name of ‘Alibaba’ as the CEO of TRON [TRX] is a graduate of Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s Hupan university, as his Twitter profile states, to that another replied: “Alibaba is a company over five hundred billions. Not tens of billions.”

Other suggestions enclosed Baidu, Clover etc. However, none of these are confirmed at the time of reporting.

This is the 2nd time that the CEO tweets have created crypto headlines this month. Even recently also, The CEO claimed that TRON [TRX] token’s forthcoming update would see it beat Ethereum [ETH] on speed and EOS [EOS] on price, prompting a 8% surge within the asset’s worth.

Earlier in Sept., TRON [TRX] revealed more details of its bid to integrate with torrent consumers BitTorrent, that it had acquired this July only. In consistent with a recent news, a product dubbed “Project Atlas” is expected to integrate TRX among the platform’s user base to form a hybrid content sharing system that leverages cryptocurrency.

However at the time of reporting, TRON [TRX] is ranked at the 11th position by market capitalization and is presently trading at around $0.023 USD, which is 8.04% higher than yesterday.

CEO Of TRON [TRX] Prompted 8% Rise In The Price OF 'TRX'.

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