Cardano Effect Podcast – ‘ADA’ Far Better Than ‘BTC’ For The Baking Sector.

The CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, has participated in the 113th edition of the podcast “The Cardano Effect”. Gregaard was hired to require his position at the end of September. Earlier, he was Head of Digital Finance for the PwC. Within the podcast, he talked about ADA adoption, privacy, leadership, and therefore the future for Cardano.

Starting the program with a user question about obstacles and use cases that Cardano can solve, Gregaard added:

“If you would like a short answer, I’d wish to specialize in a number of very complex problems, the highly regulated problems, the issues that don’t cross the table easily where identity is extremely important. That revolves around financial services, insurance, supply chain tracking (…) financial education, the entire academic angle is vital.”

ADA Far Better than BTC In Terms Of Privacy

The CEO of the Cardano Foundation positively revealed that his links within the banking sector indicate that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology “are here to stay”. Gregaard added that he’s reviewing and compiling the various alliances that Cardano has throughout the planet. Therein sense, he sees a transparent path for the adoption of ADA at an institutional level, talking about the obstacles that have prevented Cardano’s adoption from accelerating, Gregaard said:

“(On the adoption of ADA by banking institutions) I already know some banks which will do that, but I’m not allowed to mention their names as they think there could also be some regulatory turmoil, I need to reconsider with them prior to I disclose them (…) but it is often done today, and there are possibilities for that within the future. As a banker, I do know which buttons I want to push.”

Expanding on the point, the CEO of the Cardano Foundation spoke about the privacy features that ADA must have so as to be adopted by banking institutions. Gregaard believes that between Bitcoin and ADA there’s a 1:1 parity in terms of privacy. the sole difference between the cryptocurrencies, the executive added, is in their consensus protocol.

“[Proof-of-Stake] permits you to possess a touch less privacy than you’ve got with the Bitcoin protocol. If people can run their business on Bitcoin, they will run their business on ADA (…) I’m already beginning to mention the ADA standard because I feel that folks should run their business on ADA.”

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