Businessman Who Purchased Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet NFT, Arrested In Iran.

Sina Estavi – The renowned businessman who purchased an NFT [Non-Fungible Token] of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet for $2.9 Mln, has reportedly been arrested in Iran, consistent with a now-deleted message posted on his own verified Twitter account.

Although Iranian officials confirmed arresting members of Estavi’s firm, it’s still unclear if the Malaysia-based businessman was one among those detained. Consistent with several native reporting media outlets, Estavi has been detained.

Officials in Iran apparently seized Estavi’s Twitter account earlier on Monday, posting, “The owner of this media outlet was arrested on charges of disrupting the financial system, by order of the Special Court for Economic Crimes.”

The charges have yet to be specified, but the tweet outlined that some additional information was available via the website of the Organized Investigation Center, an affiliate of the Cyber Defense Command of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The tweet was posted at 08:48 a.m. UTC [4:48 a.m. ET] earlier on Monday.

An accompanying statement posted on the Crime Investigation Center’s website revealed that the members of blockchain firm Bridge Oracle, of which Estavi is CEO, were arrested on charges of disrupting the country’s financial system as ordered by the Special Economic Crimes Court. Consistent with the statement, the investigation into the Bridge project had started 9 months ago.

The statement doesn’t name Estavi himself but native media outlet Mehrnews reported that the statement confirms his arrest. The tweet revealing Estavi’s arrest was deleted by the account at around 4:40 p.m. UTC [12:40 p.m ET].

Estavi is additionally the head of Malaysia-based cryptocurrency exchange CryptoLand. Earlier in March, Estavi won a bidding war over Tron founder Justin Sun for Dorsey’s tokenized tweet. Estavi compared Dorsey’s “Genesis Tweet” to Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” calling it a “piece of human history.”

At the time of reporting, the CryptoLand website displayed an “access denied” error message. The worth of BRG has also dropped over 30% since after the tweet was posted recently on Monday.

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