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Business Tycoon ‘Elon Musk’s’ Twitter Account Hacked Again.

Elon Musk, chief executive officer and co-founder of Tesla, became the victim of increasing hacking incidents on a social media platform ‘Twitter’ second time this year. An anonymous person faked real Musk’s profile to “take [Tesla], private,” stating that the organization is planning to see the addition of Bitcoin and Ethereum payment methods as “one of the steps in moving forward.”

The extent of this fake news still couldn’t be verified. However, some followers still did fell for it, with several amongst them blaming Musk of stealing others additionally questioned that how the anonymous person was able to get a Twitter-verified post.

Business Tycoon 'Elon Musk's' Twitter Account Hacked Again.Twitter recently had emerged as a centre for deceitful account practices. However rather than Elon Musk, there have been several instances in the past where the accounts of Ethereum co founder ‘Vitalik Buterin’ and ‘John McAfee’ faced similar hacking related twitter verified post problems.

how the anonymous person was able to get a Twitter-verified post.


Earlier in feb. this year, the twitter profile of business tycoon ‘Elon Musk’ was hacked declaring that he’s offering free Ethereum to his followers.

how the anonymous person was able to get a Twitter-verified post.

However, a statement by Twitter was announced later mentioning it has assured its users accounts with higher defense frameworks against its safeguard profiles. In a release on Verge, the company said:

“We’re conscious of this active manipulation and are proactively implementing variety of signals to forestall these sorts of accounts from involving with others in a deceptive manner.”

Rather than what the company claims protecting its users from activities related to spamming, the company currently seems to be failing on its words of work.

As for now, the only thing Twitter users can do to protect themselves against these free crypto claims is to stay alert even if the posts are verified.

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