Altcoin News, EOS Settles its 2018 Token Sale ‘EOS’ For $27.5 Mln – Official. settled a class-action lawsuit filed by the Crypto Assets Opportunity Fund [CAOF] associated with the company’s recording-setting $4 Bln token sale earlier in 2018.

The court-approved $27.5 Mln settlement closes the lawsuit, revealed earlier on Friday. called the suit “without merit” within an official web-blog post but outlined that the settlement would permit it “to focus longer and energy on running our business.” earlier settled with the United States SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] for $24 Mln over the alleged unregistered securities sale. raised the whopping sum at the height of the cryptocurrency market’s last Bull run to create the software that powers the EOS [-3.48%] blockchain.

The CAOF argued that had purposefully misled investors and artificially inflated its eos token price within its yearlong ICO [Initial Coin Offering], which completed in 2018.

The ICO sold approximately 1 Bln tokens with 90% to ICO participants and therefore the remainder to team member.

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