BitMEX CEO Believes In The Acceptance Of ETF Proposals In Upcoming Days.

The main regulatory authority over the Bitcoin ETF’s proposal is Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It recently declined the Winklevoss ETF and also the call of the CBOE and VanEck-Solid ETF applications awaiting approval, leading a conversation close to the practicability of crypto derivatives among the community as reported by Etherdesk earlier too. Despite this, the corporate executive of BitMEX ‘Arthur Hayes’ believes that the SEC can some day approve one of the ETF application in upcoming days as a result of the increasing interest of people globally.

The Corporate officer of BitMEX was questioned by ‘Ran NeuNer’ in a CNBC’s show about the exchange’s activity followed these days, where he replied that the exchanges are doing fairly well seeing a hike in crypto volumes everyday. However stating further he created comments regarding BitMEX and ETF related proposals as:

BitMEX is one amongst the largest exchange currently serving in the foremost fashionable way within the crypto world providing its customers with the leverage commerce facility of upto 100 Percent on the Bitcoin smart contracts.

Moreover commenting over the ETF proposals, Hayes stated that

“Currently there is some hope seen in the ETF applications being accepted by the SEC in the upcoming days. Comparing Bitcoin ETF to Gold ETF he stated – How could regulators not allow Bitcoin ETF?”

Further mentioning about the Bitcoin ETF application he said that the acceptance of these proposals would lead a mass adoption of crypto currencies around the world forgetting customers worry about the regulations with an ease.

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