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Bitcoin Trading Setting All New High Records.

In line with a recent data report published by UsefulTulips, P2P Bitcoin [BTC] trading activity within the U.S. surged to new high records during this week of June.

Over the past 7 days, around $29 Mln worth of Bitcoin has been exchanged for USD on leading P2P exchange namely Localbitcoins and Paxful.

The past week saw only North America as well as Middle Eastern/North African trade hike, with all other regions posting slight declines in 7-day volume.

Over $24 Mln in Bitcoin exchanged on Paxful within the U.S. alongside $4.6 Mln traded on Localbitcoins.

With roughly $1 Mln trading on Canada’s P2P markets also, the past week comprised the 2nd-strongest on record for North American trade marking with $29.8 Mln’s in the weekly activity – trailing behind the week of 20th May, 2018, that posted $30.2 Mln in North American trade.

North American trade produced double the quantity of the 2nd-strongest region for P2P activity, with Sub-Saharan Africa accumulating $13.6 Mln within the weekly trade.

Global Bitcoin Trading Status For June

While on the other hand, Nigerian Peer to Peer trade appears to be plateauing after posting several weeks of continuous volume records, with the global second-largest national P2P Bitcoin exchange summing to around $8.76 Mln’s in weekly trade.

After posting over $8.4 Mln in weekly trade for the last week of April, a 7.5% drop in the Russian P2P volume has seen the gap between it and Nigeria’s markets widen – with $7.81 Mln in Bitcoin exchanged this past week.

Venezuela, the 4th-largest P2P market saw trade increase by a few percentage points within this week of June, edging past $5 Mln for the 2nd time since February.

P2P trade between the British pound and Bitcoin edged past $4 Mln this past week, followed by China with $3.87 Mln, Colombia with $3.06 Mln, followed by India with $2.87 Mln.

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