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Bitcoin Stolen In Name Of Fake Elon Musk SpaceX Program.

Nearly $150k have been stolen by crypto scammers impersonating SpaceX YouTube accounts and hosting fake Bitcoin giveaways to the individuals who join the program.

In line with a recent report published on 9th June, some group of scammers hacked the genuine YouTube accounts and altered their branding and content to mimic that of Elon Musk’s SpaceX channel.

These channels then broadcast archived footage of Musk as if it had been a live event and asked viewers to transfer Bitcoin [BTC]. It was reported that over 80,000 people watched the live stream, which has brought in 15.31 BTC for the scammers since from 8the June. One among the Bitcoin addresses received 29 transactions for around 4.08 Bitcoins – worth around $40k at the time of reporting – while the another received 84 “donations” summing to nearly 11.23 BTC, or almost $110K.

Bitcoin Stolen In Name Of Fake Elon Musk SpaceX Program.

This Time Its Elon Musk

Musk is aware that his name is being involved to perpetuate such scams. While responding to a special con job held earlier in February, he tweeted that “the cryptocurrency scam level on Twitter is touching all new levels” and users should report such fakes as soon as they see them.

However, reporting such events is just solely not sufficient for some platforms. In line with an earlier security report published by ‘Tenable’, defaulters are modifying their tactics to fraud Bitcoins from unsuspecting victims.

This Is Always How, It Has Been Like

With much of the general public still curious about the historic launch of a personal spacecraft inbuilt and launched from the U.S. on 30th May, scammers know to identify profitable trends like impersonating Musk.

As reported earlier, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has also been a well-liked target for scammers as in March, YouTube videos of Garlinghouse periodically popped up to market a fake 50 Mln Ripple airdrop. Ripple considered the platform’s reaction time in removing such content as illicit and filed a lawsuit against YouTube later in April.

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