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Bitcoin Rich List Updated – Over 2k Addresses Hold Over 1k Bitcoin.

There are over 2,000 addresses now holding over 1k bitcoin, potentially reflecting high interest from institutions as well as high-net-worth investors.

In line with recent data revealed by Glassnode, the Bitcoin Rich List, or the amount of addresses holding all that bitcoin, is at a record high.

Bitcoin Rich List Updated - Over 2k Addresses Hold Over 1k Bitcoin.

At the reporting time, around 2,190 addresses contain 1,000 or more Bitcoin [BTC], consistent with data compiled by BitInfoCharts. The earlier record was 2,184 on 28th Sept. last year. Bitcoin’s price was $11,717 USD, up 0.28% from the previous 24 hours.

The total amount of bitcoin held in accounts of 1k or more was 7,868,823 as at the reporting time which sums to around $92.2 Bln.

With the ongoing COVID -19 outbreak, more investors are looking into bitcoin along with the other digital assets as an alternative investments to traditional assets.

The chief executive of Prudential Securities and now CEO of Sanders Morris Harris, George Ball, told Reuters earlier this month that bitcoin or another cryptocurrency may be a very “attractive” investment and hinted that a lot of “very wealthy” investors and traders have already switched to bitcoin for profits.

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