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Bitcoin Price Approaching A New All-Time High – What’s New This Time?

The bottoming indications are illuminated by ALCX and SLP, as the price of the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) increases to around $ 60,000. In the hands of the bulls, Bitcoin (BTC) is hot and clear. Yes, the exchange fund (ETF) is finally on the way, and after that, $100,000 USD, no, $120,000 USD, initially that, the price of $150,000 BTC will be available.

Axie Infinity has been on fire all year, and from a visual standpoint, the block-in-game gaming business is poised for further expansion, and Axies metrics, as well as its AXS coin, look fantastic.

AXS staking was recently added to the platform, and prior to that, the team made an entirely new sky available to first-time users.

Unfortunately for some, the SLP (in-game currency used to pay users and purchase items) declined as the AXS climbed. I’m talking about all the way down. To the point that well-known retailers and anonymous crypto-Twitter have become significantly less expensive.

Bitcoin Price Approaching A New All-Time High - What's New This Time?

SLP/USDT daily chart. Source: TradingView

The SLP is trading extremely well at the end of May, down by $0.06 USD, and the market structure indicates that the stock has struck the bottom for many traders. The price attempted to gain some ground last week, reaching $ 0.10, but was unable to maintain pace and eventually returned to its current level.

Alchemix is another “apparently downward” altcoin, but recent developments could indicate that the project’s foundations are being strengthened. Tokemak (TOKE) management approved the project as one of the assets added to the ‘actors’ stage pools at the end of October.

Since the launch of Olympus Pro, which includes Tokemak, announcing launch plans for Arbitrum, and integration and billing from DeFi platforms such as Wonderland Money and Abracadabra on October 13, the price of Olympus (OHM) has met within the highest quality hair, the feeling of bullish around OlympusDAO has risen.

The integration of ALCX with Olympus DAO, Tokemak, the imminent upgrade of v2, the project’s comeback after its recent $ 4 million exploitation, and the daily token’s “accumulation period” are all signs that assets are at risk of a trend change.

Bitcoin Price Approaching A New All-Time High - What's New This Time?

ALCX/USD daily chart. Source: TradingView

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