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Bitcoin Prediction For 2019 : Price Recovery Expected To Get Back To $10,000 USD.

In line with a recent official ‘newsletter‘ published, the co-founder and chief operating officer of renowned cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX namely ‘Arthur Hayes’, has forecasted that the price of leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin [BTC] is expected to get back to $10,000 USD price point by this year.

As per Hayes, the market recovery will start from early Q4 of this year. Explaining further, he added:

“The 2019 chop is going to be intense, however the Bitcoin markets would claw back to $10,000 USD which is really vital psychological barrier. […] $20,000 USD is the ultimate recovery. Moreover, it took 11 months from $1,000 USD to $10,000 USD, but less than one month from $10,000 USD to $20,000 USD back to $10,000 USD.”

Earlier in March, the analysis arm of BitMEX ‘published‘ that its Ethereum [ETH] Parity full node contained a “potential bug,” reported that the Parity node “sometimes reports that it’s in sync, despite being over hundred thousand blocks behind the chain tip.” The authors claimed that the acknowledged bug could be exploited by an accusers in some circumstances, but states it’s “highly unlikely” to happen.

Even earlier in January, BitMex ‘revealed‘ analysis unveiling that the combined price of all the tokens that the analysed projects had allotted to their own teams went down from $24.2 Bln at the time of every individual token’s issuance to around $5 Bln.

BitMEX added that the last year ‘cryptocurrency‘ bearish market accounted for 54% of the losses, in conjunction with $1.5 Bln priced of transfers to external addresses and alternative factors that brought projects’ holdings down even further. The report additionally highlighted that the historical combined peak price of the tokens managed by the subject groups over $80 Bln, employing coin’s individual worth peak.

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