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Bitcoin Miners In South China Are Back Online – Exclusive.

Bitcoin [BTC] miners in southern China are back online after a series of coal mining accidents led to outages last week, affecting Bitcoin’s hash rate at the same time as bitcoin’s price.

Bitcoin’ hash rate – an estimate of what proportion computational power miners produce at a given time – has recovered from roughly 125 exahashes per second following the outages to just about 160 exahashes per second consistent with mining pool API data.

Miners within the coal-abundant Xinjiang province began turning their machines online at the end of last week, while more came online over the weekend though, at a slower rate than expected, F2Pool Director of worldwide Finance and Business Development Liang Da revealed.

“The total hash rate is around 150 exahashes a second immediately. The recovery is slower than expected,” he explained, adding that the network needs another 20 exahashes approximately to return online prior to its at pre-outage levels.

Compass Mining CEO Thomas Heller added that the network’s present hash rate might be over the nearly 160 exahashes reported by mining pool APIs when factoring in miners who keep their data private like Foundry.

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