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Bitcoin Can Reach All-Time Highs Anytime – ANKR, STX & KDA Are New Hot Assets.

Despite the fact that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is on the verge of reaching a new all-time high, the cryptocurrency market is filled with nervous optimism on October 19 as investors await the official launch of the first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), which is set to begin trading on October 19.

BTC bulls are struggling to keep the $62,000 level as support while the market waits for the historic ETF debut. Meanwhile, a number of altcoins rallied by double digits on Oct. 18 as traders seek to profit on the advantages they give when the Bitcoin price consolidates.

Sacramento Kings and Ankr Network Have Teamed Together

Ankr Network’s blockchain solution is meant to assist fuel the crypto ecosystem by using idle processing power from devices and data centers all around the world.

Before the current price surge, data from CoinMarketCap began to identify an optimistic prognosis for ANKR on 19th Oct.

The market score is an algorithmic assessment of past and present market circumstances generated from a mix of data points including market sentiment, trading volume, recent price changes, and Twitter activity, which is exclusive.

On Oct. 17, the market Score for ANKR continued to rise, reaching a peak of 70 approximately four hours before the price soared 46% the next day.

Stacks (STX) is a layer-one blockchain technology that aims to introduce smart contracts and decentralized apps to the Bitcoin network.

Prior to the current price surge, the data from CoinMarketCap began to indicate an optimistic prognosis for STX on Oct. 11.

On October 11, the market Score for STX began to rise and peaked at 88, just five hours before the price began to rise by 55 percent over the next week.

The surge in popularity of STX occurs as the prospect of numerous BTC ETFs has piqued the interest of the larger financial world in the Bitcoin network’s smart contract capabilities.

NFT Capabilities Have Been Added To Kadena

In the previous 24 hours, the price of Kadena (KDA) has also risen. According to data from CoinMarketCap and TradingView, after hitting a low of $2.14 on Oct. 16, the price of KDA has rebounded 30% to a daily high of $2.79 on Oct. 18, with a 313 percent increase in 24-hour trading volume to $9.4 Mln. At the reporting time, KDA is presently trading at a price of around $2.69 USD which is 8.89% up for the day.

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