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Bitcoin And Hacking : New Verdict By Rotterdam Justice Court.

Two cyber hackers from New York, Melvin and Dennis van de B. in a ransomware attack case affecting more than a thousand of computers in US, Europe, UK etc have been ordered to work for  240 Hours for community services as per the Rotterdam Justice Court judge’s verdict. The two brothers used to hack government and personal computers at various cites and demanded bitcoins in return.

The two were involved in this bitcoin fraud case for a very long time since back from 2015 when the price of Bitcoins was just around some dollars. They used CoinVault hostess malware to get access of other users computer system and then demanded one bitcoin at the time of letting them having back their systems access. The criminals were able to make 10,000 euros each as several victims paid them their requested demand.

Lately, with the help of the worlds trusted cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab team, the law enforcement agents were able to lay hands on the spammers. Kaspersky researchers were able to get the personal details of the pirates through the “source code on the computer of one of the suspects.” Using the name of their hacking team as ‘Team High Tech Crime’ the Dutch police were able to link the names to the IP address of the criminals and arrested them in 2015. Once the criminals were arrested, Kaspersky created nearly 15,000 digital keys to help some victims who hadn’t paid the hackers to regain their access to their personal files.

It was though declared by the Rotterdam court earlier that the accusers of this case would be sentenced to a minimum one year of imprisonment and 240 hours working for the government in the community service sector but however after discovering that the two accused hackers were not involved in any criminal activities earlier, hence the court ordered the victims to complete the punishment of 240 hours in community sector waving over their imprisonment.

Due to the ongoing development in the crypto ecosystem as seen in the recent times, the cases of hacking and hijacking have increased to around 500 percent in last two years, as per a report by Kaspersky Labs.

Users consent is required while working on their systems as everything is interconnected in this digital era of technology. Irrelevant content should be avoided with a properly working antivirus running in background to protect you.

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